Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

It has been a long time since I last wrote.  As you know I have three beautiful children who love the magic of Christmas.  The youngest prepares for your arrival for weeks and weeks - cards, food, decorations, lights.  They very rarely ask for anything in particular - they have always been happy knowing that whatever you have for them will be thoughtful and a wonderful surprise.  

Santa, I know that it is wrong for me to ask for such a BIG present but I truely think that it would give me the freedom and confidence I need to reach some of my goals.  I lack confidence driving in large, busy cities and there are so many places I would like to explore on my own (gardens, wilderness, gardens).  My sense of direction and map reading skills will never improve.  I feel handicapped, trapped and dependent on others due to this disability.  Yet, technology could be my saviour.  

Please, could I have a GPS for Christmas?



P.S. My husband does not believe in having a GPSs in cars.  He delights in the challenge of using his finely tuned sense of direction and quick-as-a-flash map reading skills.  Could you please send a GPS that is easily disguised as a stereo?  


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44 Responses Oct 26, 2009

I think Santa may have popped A GPS on the sleigh for's on the way.... :)

Myo, if ever you find yourself blocked by Wildernessgirl, you can assume that it's because the desire for material goods just became too much for me, and I snuck onto her computer one day and did the dirty deed ;)

Myo my friend, sounds fabulous....I'm going to have to get myself a bigger santa sack this year!

Myo, you are ***b a d***

wilderness, I think you're right. You need some Prada sunglasses and a really cool floppy sunhat, and maybe some designer flip flops that will tread lightly on that new floor while you show the maid just how you like that roast cooked in your new kitchen! Oh, and that navigational thingie so you can find your way back from the new summer cottage you built a ways out for your own peace and quiet.

maybe a few wedges under the old one and a bit of liquid nails???

Myo, it's summer here. Perhaps sunglasses and a hat. And while we are at it, we need a new kitchen with new a new floor!

No, a compass is definitely a navigational device, and as for the shoes, well 'pretty' is in the eye of the beholder :)

myo- I was starting to recognize the very same thing...

Hiking boots don't qualify as Girly Pretty Shoes. Your list is getting longer: girly pretty shoes, a compass, hiking boots, a boat, and a navigational device. I like how this is going. Now you need a nice trendy winter coat to match it all.

Always, I love Santa how he brings things and it doesn't break for years. I pass them down to kids that need them when my kids grow out of things.

Santa always brings good quality stuff but I'll have to make sure that he knows. Thanks for the advice GEN.

I hope you get your GPS. My husband was so against getting the WII for me but I finally and a few other people finally convinced in him getting one for me for Solstice. I have a GPS but really most times I put it to detour or my detours because the routes are so long and take me on main streets that I hate. More stoplights and more traffic. I hope you get a good one.

Yes a new pair of hiking boots and compasswould be good TOO.

Fabulous HS - I think we have some old wagon wheels on the farm somewhere. Pop the boat and GPS in the post on Monday....or perahps Santa could pick them up on his way through...

yes-WG, both... It is pretty well installed... The bonus is that you have a radar overlay so you can navigate in the fog too

HS - do you mean the boat plus GPS is going cheap or just the GPS??<br />
<br />
Yes Roj! We are going on a surprise holiday and I NEED a GPS if I'm going to get you there...otherwise it the location will be a surprise for both of us!

I think it's about time WG had another pair of hiking boots. Spot on, Myo. And maybe a compass?

You'd better be buying her some Girly Pretty Shoes for that holiday, Oh, and maybe one of those gadgets that give you directions. What are those called?

This would also mean we'd have to go places we hadn't been before. Are you planning a holiday I don't know about yet?

Who would have thought that you'd surpass me as the gadget freak in the family, WG???

I have a REALLY fancy GPS on my boat I could sell ya cheap... We will need to bolt on some wheels though...

Perhaps they have a ruby red shoe GPS model, like Dorothy's. Two in one = pretty shoes and instantaneous GPS that just translocates you to the place you need to be!

*imagines WG in Girly Pretty Shoes*

Yee- HA. Now I even have HS on board. See Roj, HE is a man! <br />
<br />
Myo - lol. As long as the guy is a computer sitting on my dash board telling me where to go I don't really care - pretty shoes would be a bonus.

LOL @ Myo. If only you knew!!!

GPS stands for Girly Pretty Shoes, right? They'll get you anywhere if you ask the right guy for directions.

HS I just can't stand capitulation. There is too much of it going on around here.<br />
<br />
Although I do know a bloke that looks quite a bit like Santa who may be able to help me out!

Love the story!!!<br />
roj- I think the GPS WG is talking about is more of a personal use...I think you need to talk with santa...

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I knew this was coming.

Hey WG, you've got a few GPS here and you've used them before - for going up and down paddocks in straight lines...

Hey, you are meant to be on my side TM! you've got a GPS already! <br />
<br />
Not fair.

I would cheer for you TM, but I have a feeling I might get a hard time for it *ducks*

See Santa. Even Faucon thinks I need a break!

I'm nice.

He'll be making a list<br />
checking it twice<br />
gonna find out who's naughty or nice...

YOU are a true friend Jophiel! Unlike some!

Everybody uses GPs even taxi drivers!!<br />
They are a wonderful invention, I hope some soul will hear your words and act.

Who invited you?? You are such a party pooper roj!

This is Santa's EP profile:<br />
<br />
<a href="" target="ep_blank"></a><br />
<br />
He hasn't been on since July 2008. Good luck!

Lol, I won't be baited TM!<br />
<br />
Do you hear that Roj! TM is a clever man AND he uses a GPS.


SS, I'm going to have to sort out my left from my right, but other than that I hear that they are very good!<br />
<br />
Lil, perhaps we could swap husbands for a day!

I'm terrible with directions, I'm not even sure I could follow a gps. I'd probably just be sitting in the car arguing with