So Painful.

My great grandmother who is 91 years old is in her final stage of Alzheimer's. If anyone seen someone go threw it they know what I'm talking about.

I want to share what we are going threw.

In her final stage. She isn't able to get up on her own. Barely hold her head up to do anything. The post three days she hasn't eaten much. Or drinked. She don't talk much only yes or no answers if we are lucky.

Seeing her go threw that breaks my heart. I miss talking to her even if some of the things she said sounded Crazy.

Memories I'll always keep

Many mornings sitting in the kitchen at the table watching her pour special K Cereal in her bowl. Lol sometimes she would eat it for dinner too. I always thought it was funny

I remember in 5th grade she helped me with a report. I had to write a paper on someone I admire. I choose her. She was so caring even when she was a child herself. Her mother got sick and died when she was only in the 3rd grade. She took care of her brothers and sisters. Married when she was 13 to a loving man. She had ten children two died. But wanted 21 kids.

My grandma loves my cooking. She says its better than all of the others. She loves listening to bluegrass music. Just a few years ago I watched her get up and danced. That was priceless to see. She is so loving and flirts Alot. Might be where I get it from lol.

She talks about someday her and I will go get money out in a Mountain. Only way to get their its by horse back. But she said we are waiting got her to get better. Their is suppose to be more money than we could ever want or need. Cute Huh? I just go along with her.

Then their is my last memory I'll keep because it has only just happen before she started going down hill in her health.

We was sitting at the table. I fixed her eggs and jelly bread. I eat a donut and she looked at me when I ate it. I growled at her pretending she was going to get it. After I was done I asked her if I could have some of Her's she had growled at me. I recorded it with my phone. It was so funny. She thought so too.

Thank you for reading.
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Bee- your story is so moving - my elderly father is 91 and despite his poor Health, he still has a good mind.

I know and understand your story.
If you ever- and I mean ever want to talk- you know where I am.


With everything else you going through, you don't need to be worrying about this as well.
Oh bee, I wish I could hold you, and tell you it will all be better- but I know the facts - and you gotta be strong girl- and I think you are- good luck babe

Don't forget - I am here if u ever wanna chat.

Mark xxxxx

Thank you mark.