Just opened my EP for the day and saw Fungirl's story in this group. Thanks Fungirl as this is cute timing for me - I'd not heard of gratitude rocks until today when i was given one from a friend. This one is a tourist gift with a note saying 'For thousands of years Australian Aboriginal people have given gratitude rocks for a life long bond of friendship, good luck and to safe guard them from evil spirits...'

Mine has a hand-painted pic of a baby roo.

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Wow!! I am so impressed to have randomly come across a recipient of the 'Grattitude Rocks' I paint, when I am in the Australian outback. And I appreciate that you have read the card I have designed and printed on my home computer.<br />
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The story on the card stems back from my tribal Aboriginal ancestors.<br />
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After the men comeback from hunting the big animals. The women and children would come back after gathering bush fruit and vegetables, along with snakes and giant lizards. Everyone helped to prepare the catch for cooking. The women would then join Emu feathers to section of a new-born baby's umbillicle cord with Kangaroo sinew and then give them to neighbouring tribes as a life long bond of friendship.<br />
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Other offerings were painted rocks, message/music sticks spears and boomerangs. Just about anything that were created or decorated with pride, precision meaning.<br />
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I am so glad that you have one.<br />
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Incredible!!! lol.

So true. It's the thought rather than the $s spent that makes me happy and I was really happy with that lovely rock. <br />
I'm feeling lots of gratitude today. My ex has come out of his way to do a week's work for me and I so appreciate that, knowing you can have easier clients than an ex, 10 hours drive away, to work for:) We planned our week, shared dinner and then he casually reaches around and hands me a package that has the best present ever in it - my most favourite chocolate cake ever. Meant so much that he still does sweet stuff. He's thoughtful with everyone.