But Not Here Anymore

I had a great friend here on Ep that I wanted to meet. We started off so badly practically hating each other, you would have never thought we would have become friends.

Well, this friend is gone now from here and even after, we still continued to communicate quite a bit. But now, we don't talk at all. This person made a decision to end our relationship for matters that were important. I wasn't upset, and understood perfectly. Except for the fact that I had lost this person completely was a little bit hard to take in.

I just really miss my buddy. Wish I could tell this person that.
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1 Response May 8, 2012

I find you never can be sure they are gone ...I've had a few disappear and finally come around. And I see on the date they joined it usually is months ? Sometimes memories can be cherished :)<br />
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few of mine started out beautiful...ended? a mystery