I Was An Odd Kid

I talked to myself all the time or that is how it would appear to others. I was just very imaginative. When I was bored in the car, I played and talked to imagined people. I remember being in the back seat, while my Dad and stepbrother were in the front seat. I was just yacking away in the back seat. I think I was about 4 or 5 years old at the time.

I have this memory in my head of their conversation.
Stepbrother: "Who is she talking too?"
My dad: "Her pretend friends."
Stepbrother: "Does she ever stop talking."
My dad: "Never."

I had a lot of imagined friends and they felt real to me. My dad had fun with it too. when I was small, my dad would bounce me on his knee real fast and I'd try to hold on and not fall off. He'd do the same with my imaginary friends. Once he bounced my friend really hard and told me, "Ooops, I bounced her out the window!" I got really upset and started crying, so he never bounced her that high again.

Also, all of my baby dolls had personalities, names, and birthdays. Some of them were even mean to each other and I'd have to break up fights. They had huge birthday parties in my room. I took turns sleeping with them, because I didn't want to make any of them jealous.

I was a strange kid. Some would say that I never grew out of my weirdness.
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4 Responses Feb 3, 2013

Absolutely! I just loved that...more so because I was like that too! Welcome to the club, and don't let anyone tell you you are weird...we rule the world!

I loved reading this and smiled BIG all the way thru....Never grow out of this...It's priceless and helps to make you the special person you are....Creativity and imagination ROCK!!

Aw, thanks Sie

You had a good dad.

Yes I did :-). He was awesome.

I'm going to go right on ahead & adore you for this. :)

& the conversation between your daddy & brother, too too funny! *continues giggling*

Thank you, that was sweet. Glad it gave you some giggles.