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The first five years of my life, I lived in a city neighborhood.  The household next to mine had six children, two of which were around my age, and another boy my age who lived down the block, so I was used to always having someone to play with.  Back in those days I was a social butterfly.  Then one day, we move.  We didn't just move to a new house, we moved to a house in the country a few miles away from a town so small that it was a perfect mile wide square.

Living in the country I had no one but my brother to play with, and my brother being four years older than me wasn't too interested in playing games with a five year old.  I had all the space to run around that a little girl could want, but no one to share it with.  So I decided to make up my own playmates.

I had the greatest adventures growing up in that house.  I was part of a superhero team of alien cats that could make themselves appear human to blend in with earth society, but when the evil Liona threatened the planet they would transform back into humanoid cats and save the day.  Then, I was a slave, working hard in the fields while planning an escape with the other slaves.  I was a native American, hunting buffelo and boar, and proving myself to be a great warrior, even though I was a girl.  I was an archiologist digging up ancient artifacts (and I did really did find long buried objects, though they were mostly old farming equipment) and then turned my porch into a store where I would sell those artifacts to whoever would pay the highest for them.

Having an imagination while living on in an old farmhouse can be the best thing for a child, even if there is no one to play with.  I'm more introverted now, probably because I lived away from other kids for so long, but I wouldn't give up those years at the farm house for anything.

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lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! god bless u!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! god bless u!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thank you.

Hi This is a good story.

It's a good thing to have.