The Only Thing That Is Free

Growing up, my family was poor. So, unlike our rich cousins, my siblings and I had to entertain ourselves without any fancy toys or gadgets. My sister and I would use old writing markers for action figures. We couldn't afford dolls or the cool Ghostbusters action figures of the time, like everyone else had. So, we'd play with markers and imagine they were the characters that we wanted. :-)

A cardboard box became many different items; a car, a fort, a house, a spaceship, a castle, a boat, and so on!

My sister and I went on many adventures this way! So, our childhood was never dull. And I kind of bought some of that along with me in adulthood. I can improvise and imagine a lot still. My imagination is very much alive and active! :-D

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1 Response Feb 25, 2009

That's a very good way to use your imagination! I used to play with red pens as dolls during math class rather than pay attention. I hated math. Boxes are great for imagination too. Its great your imagination is still so active!