Someone Is Not Exist In World Of Love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hello,,,,,, ya its shocking experience by my self,,that there is no someone in LOVE.the time u r in love two things is happen,,,,, 1,,,,, u r not able to think something else ,,,2,,,,,,,u r feeling extreemly blessfull!!!!!! why ?  because untill we r mind we r not able to love anybody,,,u see the point,mind is made for calculations,,,loss,profit ,gain,,,, only for calculations,,,its not gives u permission to love somebody,,the day u r in love mind is stop,,, u r out of mind,thats why we felt extreem joy,bliss,,,, i gone mad for few years,,,,,,thats was the best time in my life,i m out of time ,because time exist only  in mind,,,,,,i lost in  my love affair then i know what is sacrad,,truth,,pure,,,, love,,,those day i felt that i m not exist just someone higher then me is possese me: its existence, u call it god or fate or whatever but its freedom for time,death,, and MIND.
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31-35, M
Jul 23, 2010