My Birthday

     I don't typically make a big deal about my birthday. I don't think any of my friends on EP even knew it was birthday today. But I'm gona bring it up because I just was blown away by what my man did for birthday. I was totally swept off my feet!

     I didn't have to work today so it was me and the kids most of the day playing hide and seek. My hotcakes was at work. I met my soon to be sister in law at a meeting point because she was taking the kids for the rest of the evening and they would spend the night with her. I had a hair appointment and it was about 5:30pm by the time I got to it after dropping the kids off. Hotcakes calls and asks what I would like for my birthday dinner. My favorite food of all time is buffalo wings, so naturally that was my answer. I'm at my hair appointment but the person who was supposed to do my hair ends up having to do something different, so my mother ends up doing my hair. She didn't get done till 7:30pm! Then she schedules me a 30 min massage. I'm totally stoked but I'm wanting to get home to my wings and beer. It's like 8:15 when I get finally get there. I'm like butter by the time I get home and since there were no kids we got to smoke some doobage. He scored some killer hash just for my birthday. Big smiles. So we eat the magnificent meal till our belly's are nice and full. I wash my hands and grab a paper towel. In front of me is a stack of Fancy Feast cans. I asked him if he got the cat food for our neighbor who we always buy cat food for cuz she is the little old cat lady who is a little smelly but is cool as **** and has lots of really stellar stories but I have gotten off topic. ANYWAYS. I don't think anything of it when hotcakes walks into the other room. Totally thought he was going to the bathroom. I start to text my mom something when out walks hotcakes holding a beautiful little all white cat!!!! She is the most beautiful little kitty ever!!! And so f*cking sweet. THEN he brings out a bowl with a brownie and cookies n cream ice cream on the side, its my favorite.

     That was the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me.

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thanks everyone and i posted pic of coconut and my other pets if you wana see them!

Yummy cake.........That's a great thing. :-)

lol that too...

lol.. hes a pretty yummy peice of cake...

Happy Birthday! (one day late, of course but that's par for me!) I am so glad you had a wonderful day! Your kitty sounds beautiful! Hotcakes sounds like he takes the cake!<br />

yeah, i didnt name her. the family hotcakes got her from named her and i loved it! and mewold i actually do studder sometimes when im nervous lol

lol thanks

You are so happy that you are studdering, but it sounds great HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

aw thanks sacred! her name is coconut.

aw thanks sacred! her name is coconut.

awww that is the sweetest birthday i've ever heard :) he sounds amazing and you deserve that :) what are you going to name the kitten. <br />
and im glad you had a lovely b-day<br />
ps i had a white cat for a long time... they make the best cats.

i dont how a girl could be happier! and thanks so much!

lol. you would be fun to have a drink with i bet! he is a good guy. im very lucky!