He Finally Put The Hound In Greyhound

Like most greys, my dog Manny is very docile.  Before putting my second dog to sleep, Manny had grown accustomed to his role as the submissive pup.  I live in the woods, and we frequently walk on the trails behind my house where he gets to look, listen and smell all the woods have to offer.  Although he's not safe around cats, he's grown pretty accustomed to the squirrels and chipmunks that run around the yard. Even in the Fall, after the acorns fall from the oak trees and the squirrels are out in force collecting food for the Winter, Manny tends to ignore them and go about his business enjoying life after the track.

This morning, however, as I let him loose in his poop pen - an fenced in area that's about 40 foot by 40 foot - he spotted a bird hopping on the ground.  Fortunately, the bird was just outside of the pen, but in plain sight through the chain link fence perimeter.  In a flash, Manny's tail was up, nose was pointed, and he ran to the spot that the bird was sitting.  I assume the bird sensed the danger and hopped from left to right, parallel to the fence.  It appeared one of his wings was injured and could not fly away, though he sure as heck tried.  Good ol' Manny tracked him, running in unison along the fence, wanting to more than play with his newfound friend. 

Finally, the bird realized there was a tree nearby and perched himself on the far side of it, out of Manny's line of sight.  I watched from a different angle as the bird hopped up the trunk of the tree, while Manny just stared at the tree.  It's the same stare he gives the deer when they prance through the yard - a mixture of curiousity and the instinctive desire to give chase.  After gathering his wits and no doubt courage, the bird hopped off the tree one last time and made a dash for the woods.  Manny could no nothing but watch his new friend/toy leave his sight.

As much as I love animals - all animals - it was somewhat refreshing to watch Manny revert to pure instinct.  I think greyhounds lose something while being mistreated at the track, but I couldn't help but be proud of my boy for being exactly what he was born to be.  A greyhound.


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pixie - you know how lil twerps are. their bark is usually worse than their bite. unless, of course, they eat bark, but that's a different EP post altogether.<br />
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sunshine - they are very gentle dogs. most are just couch potatoes, laying around in the sun and chilling. A lot of states have monthly greyhound adoption events at PetSmart. Might be worth it to go and talk to them first, meet the dogs, and get all your questions answered.

They really are. Absolutely statuesque (at least to me). One of my greatest joys is taking him to the dog park and watching him run in full stride, though more of a jog, chasing his canine friends. <br />
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There's one little dog who always barks at him, then runs away, assuming she can run faster than my boy. She always finds out she's wrong.

Guess I need to increase my work out schedule if there's any hope (or desire) to do so!<br />
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The first dwarf rabbit I adopted was ignored by everyone who went to see him. He was an albino - white fur with red eyes - and i think most people didn't like the way he looked. I visited him about 6-7 trying to decide whether to adopt him. From the outset, he would hop over to me and sit in my alp, never moving, even when other, bigger animsls were near. The day I brought him home, he did a little dance - he hopped in the air and wiggled his butt and hind legs. I guess he was glad to be in the home he was meant to live in.

I have wanted a greyhound, quite literally, since high school, but it took me twenty years to finally adopt one. Without a doubt, I'll never adopt another breed.<br />
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Much like I believe pets choose their families and not the other way around, I also don't believe humans "own" pets. If anything, they own us. It's funny...even when my other dog was alive, he was a good six inches taller than the normal grey and was dominant in every way, but even he knew I was the Big Dog in the house. I hope that doesn't mean I have to start licking myself clean.