My wife and I had been thinking of getting a dog for the past ten years.
For quite a while we resisted the urge, as we were both working permanent jobs, and it wouldn't have seemed fair having a dog sit inside the house all day by itself.

My attitude changed when I stopped working (for health and family reasons), and late last year we started looking at greyhounds as a suitable pet.
My wife's grandparents and her grand uncle had owned, bred and raced greyhounds; but were the good sort of owners, keeping them after retirement as pets, taking extra good care of them, and socializing them (most greys don't even meet other breeds during their career, then get euthanized at retirement time).

So after a bit of research, we adopted Harry our red fawn retired racer aged six.
He is a larger and quite muscular dog, but is a real sweetheart.

Now after more than six months with him, I couldn't imagine life without him.
We had to spend a bit of money getting some teeth removed (racer's are known for not getting the best dental care), but he's so worth it.

I struggle to really figure out who's training who.
He stops at the kerb before we cross the road, he paces back and forth if he needs to go outside to relieve himself, and he comes over to snuggle on command, or if he's feeling like a cuddle.

He has excellent recall, is gentle, placid and good natured, and all he needs is two walks a day, fresh food and water, and to clean up after him, and he gives much more back than we have to give to him.

I have to say, if it wasn't for my lovely Harry I wouldn't still be here; the demons of depression and anxiety are always trying to eat away at me, but Harry helps to keep them from winning.
41-45, M
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Good evening Ism- we love are do jim I have three. And I live in retirement with my wife we are together. Twenty one years and had. Dogs for that amount of time. Over years we have lost. Four of the dogs we had.We love our dogs unconditionally. we treat them like we would our children The three we have now are all rescued One is a golden the two others are mix breeds. We couldn't live without them the only thing that sometimes makes it difficult is they tie you down when it comes to going away or traveling thanks jim