I Must Have One!

Well, how many times can a person be lucky? I'm guessing, not many times. So, I do believe something has been looking out for me, for most of my life. Yes... I had some bad happenings in my life, but it could have been MUCH worse. =p

For one thing, as a child, I could have electrocuted myself to death. As I wanted to take my Easy-Bake Oven into the bathtub with me! Something said no and I asked why. And then it said, "check the back!" And there was a huge warning there, "Keep Away From Water"! So, I didn't take the Oven with me into the bath! XD

And then there was the time, when I was a kid, that I thought maybe I could slide down the banister... from the second floor of my house and stopping on the first floor! Something again said "don't do it!" and I'm glad I had listened. Because that would have been a disaster! :-o

And then, once again as a kid, my sister and I were about to do a comedy skit. She threw a banana peel on the floor and I was going to walk on it! This time, it got my mother to turn around and pay attention! She screamed, "Don't do that!!!!" And I stopped in my tracks and was confused, "Why?" Hey... I didn't know, we saw it being done in cartoons and with the Stooges. XD

As I got older and became an adult, the little voice still warns me. And it has gotten me out of many scrapes in life. Either I had a bad feeling and didn't show up at a place, and then later I find out, had I did I would have been maimed or killed. :-/

Or when I'm about to do something stupid, like when I tried to commit suicide in my past, something seems to always screw up the plans! Like when I tried to hang myself with underwear... they broke, just as everything was starting to fade! :-o

I do believe that something of the divine is keeping me around. :-)

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Feb 9, 2009