So in 2009 I met a guy who changed my life, Houston. (My nickname for him cuz I go to him for everything) I knew as soon as I saw his dark hair and green eyes, I had to get to know him. We met through a mutual friend (at the time) however he said he liked me not her. We started hangin out at the local amusement park & football games. I liked him for 3 years after I met him. In 2012 Houston took me to meet my boyfriend (at the time) and he kept staring. Then when justin and I broke up, Houston swooped in and made a move. To this day he and I don't hangout without cuddling (which I don't mind) but once a year, it goes further. Kissing Idc but this, I don't care for. I don't see Houston as the bf type but I love cuddling with him. I'm talking to my recents exes best friend which makes me sound bad but it's not like that. I just can't believe people think Houston and I will be together in the long run. I don't see it or feel for it. Is it cheating if you're "talking" to someone but you hook up with someone but it means nothing to you?
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That's an awesome nick name, but poor guy..

Who's the poor guy?

Houston, it seems like you're stringing him along.

No he was deployed for 11 months and had a gf in that time. He doesn't see me as a gf and he always starts stuff with me like "Play fighting" cuddling. We basically get together when both of us are single, cuddle/whatever then get in relationships. It's a cycle

I see, ok, I misunderstood, my apologies. I don't see an issue to be honest.

It's ok lol I'm just sharing my experience lol I'm shocked that a kiss/whatever else can actually mean nothing. lol that's all

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