I Can't Stop Moving.

 I really do have a Gypsy Spirit. I am always on the move. I have been to almost every state in the country. I took a job involving travel to accomodate my need to be on the move. Why can't I settle? I could not imagine living in a house in one place for very long. I want to move, I want to see things and experience things. It is getting worse as I get older. Now I find myself considering other countries. What is next?

Disastrophe Disastrophe
26-30, M
3 Responses Mar 28, 2009

Good for you! :) Enjoy it. There is nothing wrong with the way you feel. Enjoy your life and let no one tell you different. Life is meant to be happy. Make it that way. Namaste.

I learned to drive a Semi truck. I typically cross from coast to coast twice a week. Always something different. I get to stop and smell the roses a lot too because of the slow economy. I don't work too hard.

If you don't mind me asking, what type of job did you take up to nurture your desire to travel? <br />
<br />
What's next? The world is waiting for you to explore it!<br />
I don't see your desire to travel as a problem but rather a passion.