Quick Haikus

In college I took a Japanese literature class.  Near the end of the semester we had a haiku contest.  We were divided into teams maybe two weeks before contest day and given a set of topics that we had to write haikus about.  How it worked was that one person from team 1 and one person from team 2 were given the same topic.  Their poems were then compared and the one with the better poem won (obviously).  In other words, two people were writing one haiku each for one topic and a judge determined who wrote the better poem for that topic.  Each person had 3 topics.

I wrote all 3 of mine 30 minutes before the contest.  Two of them won and one of them tied.  I'm, also obviously, a haiku writing monster.  Just kidding =P

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*bows to the lovely Icb*



Ha! You are "somthing"! And I like that "somthing!...DD