Women With Great Hair

OMG it really turns me on when girls play with their hair or run their fingers through it...I love a woman with great smelling hair too...i would rather her hair smell good than her to wear some cheap perfume. I guess Hair is one of those things for me, if i see a girl with nice shiny hair, it's a predictor of overall good health u know...and it tells me that she cares about how she looks as well...That thing they do when they tilt the head back, and take both hands and fluff it around...instant *****. Shiny Black hair is my favorite, but i love all colors...i do wish ladies wouldn't dye their hair so much though...natural is always more sexy
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I too love beautiful long hair on a woman it is so sexy and such a turn on during foreplay. I love to have it wrapped around my shaft and rub until I shoot.

wow...can't say i've ever done that...i just like to run my fingers through it...

Hey man,<br />
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Do you have desire like me? Like want to have sex with that quality hair of women. Like wrapped her hair around the penis and pleasuring until finished.<br />
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Let me know.

I definitely agree with you!

Yea, I too love a woman with long hair! It's fun to watch them coyly move their hair around when someone is watching

Awesome stuff. Woman with great hair really catch my attention. I have a hair fetish and the first thing I notice on a woman is her hair. It is so awesome when you see a woman with a great head of hair and like you said she plays with it and shows it off. Love it when woman twirl their hair around their finger and toss it around. Especially love when the bend over and flip their hair over and let it hang down..........WOW