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I'm A Woman With A Hair Fetish

I think I had my fetish my whole life. When I was a toddler and a stylist tried to cut my hair I was so thrilled. I screamed so loud, that the stylist wasn't able to start with the clipping. My hair got never cut until I was 15. It was 6' long, thick, healthy and very heavy at that time. It was in the late 80th when every girl had a perm. So my mom forced me to the stylist. I got an extreme hair makeover. I think beyond  your "wettest" dream. I lost  5' "my hair virginity" and my pride. I got a great hairdo and my fetish.
I love to share my story, maybe in a chat... katjafeldbusch at rocketmail. com
Permsforkidz2 Permsforkidz2 36-40, F 10 Responses Nov 24, 2010

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Ich liebe lange Haare!!!!!

sounds awsome...would love to hear more.<br />
Im a male and also have a fetish...lets chat sometime,

lets chat girl

Hi I have loved long hair since a young age. Your hair sounds so sexy as it is thick and full. what a shame you had it cut . do you intend to let it grow long again .

I have always had a hair fetish. I LOVE to watch a girl play with her hair, flip it or just see how long and sexy it is. I would love to get to know all about you.

I'm a guy and have a hair fetish too. I particually love short hair on woman and when they change their looks via their hair. Maybe we could chat sometime.

Awesome. Would like to chat with you about my fetish. What is "y!m"? Is there a way to chat here?

Awesome. Would like to chat with you about my fetish. What is "y!m"? Is there a way to chat here?

Thank you luvfhair. I would like to hear more about your fetish too. Feel free to contact me via y!m or the chat here.

Hi!! Would like to hear more about your hair fetish. That is an awesome amount of hair to be cut off. I hope to some day cut off that much hair from a woman. I have had a hair fetish since I was a kid. I have always loved everything about women's hair, the different styles, textures, colors, lengths....everything. love to brush it, wash it, condition it, cut it, play with and even collect it. I actually have locks of hair from other woman. It is so awesome. Would really like to hear more about your fetish and chat about my fetish too.