My Secret Haircutting Fetish

I only realised in recent years that what I had always ‘had’ was a hair fetish. I always viewed “it” as a bit of a sickness/perversion and felt there was something wrong with me. I’ve never discussed this issue with anyone, but at the moment I feel I need to explore it a bit further, and the anonymity of the internet gives me the courage to do so. I feel like I’m revealing something bad about myself that I should be ashamed of.

My mother was a hairdresser, and still did a few clients hair at home. The sunroom was her ‘salon’ and I often got to watch an old lady get a purple rinse, or see a little girl’s hair hacked off because she wasn’t looking after it etc… When I was five my parents told me I was adopted, and I was experiencing security issues, and around this time my mother also took me into the sunroom, put the cape on me, and set me up for a haircut. To my horror she cut it into a sort of nondescript short boyish style, as my older brother and the girl next door watched and laughed from outside the window. That short haircut felt like a punishment, and I felt ugly and unwanted.

I felt something even at that early age, about how my mother seemed to enjoy cutting my hair short, and it made me feel uncomfortable. As I grew older I definitely realised she had a ‘thing’ about cutting hair - she always seemed to get excited when she had the opportunity to cut peoples hair really short. I on the other hand developed an obsession with growing my hair (which at 10 years old she let me do), and I would get furious with her when she tried to cut my 2 little sisters’ hair shorter, even breaking a pair of scissors to stop her.

In my teens mum came into my room one day screeching about the mess, grabbed me by the hair and yelled out for my older brother to bring her the scissors as she had “had it with me” and was going to cut off my waist length hair. I managed to get her off me, but I felt weird about the look on her face and eyes when she was in her moment of rage – I knew she was trembling with not just anger but with arousal/excitement – she was finally going to get to cut my hair short again (while my hair was long she would constantly point out short hair photos and say why don’t I have it cut like that it would look great on me).

However, in the midst of my obsession with long hair I had an experience that stood out. My friend next door’s mum had her very long hair cut to shoulder length and permed. I was fascinated with both having the nerve to do that, and with whether her husband would like it. I was actually really turned on by it, although I had no concept at that point that it was a sexual response. That night I was having a sleepover there as I often did, and somehow ended up initiating a hair role playing scenario with my friend regarding both head and pubic hairstyles, with light petting. We did this on and off for a few weeks, then just stopped. Since that time until now I have looked back and felt like I was some kind of molester, like I had done something really perverted even though I was so innocent at the time. That incident was the start of my own personal hair-cutting fantasy/************ which continued throughout my teen years. I had a few favourite fantasies, and could always ‘******’, however always wondered how much better that ****** would be if it was with a real person.

What was common to my emerging fantasies is that they all involved dramatic cutting of long hair, always on a female. That total and extreme transformation was the source of my arousal. Often my arousal peaked as I viewed the new haircut with both excitement and/or disgust, each response turning me on. I have no idea why, but since very early on long hair being cut into either a very short bob, or completely shaving a female’s head (sometimes forcefully) have greatly turned me on. But it is a real love/hate response: in my fantasy it is an absolute turn-on, yet in real life it is something I couldn’t do. Although it arouses me it also represents an uglier, less feminine me and I’m afraid to cut it as I worry I would look somewhat androgynous. So I’ve kept roughly the same boring mid-length, brown hair for the past 30ish years. A couple of times I’ve cut a fair bit off just to see how short I’d dare go, but no-one ever really even notices as I mostly wear it up in a clip.

My haircutting fetish always made me feel like a freak – what sort of weirdo gets sexually aroused by hair like I do? I came to hate this part of my character. I felt like other people were normal - I just had a ‘sicko’ part of me. This, plus my anxiety, self-consciousness, and feelings of ugliness, led me to believe I probably wouldn’t date guys like ‘normal’ girls, and that my ‘hair ******’ was possibly the closest thing I’d ever get to actual sex. It was isolating and lonely, and the worse I felt about myself the more I craved the contentment I got from the ritual of fantasising/************ about hair.

I do genuinely love hair and see how it can be so beautiful (no sexual arousal involved), and will always think long shiny hair is gorgeous and sensual. However I also now have an appreciation for how short, even extremely short, hair can enhance the beautiful features of some women, and this is completely separate from my fetish turn-ons.

I have lived almost my entire adult life alone bar two fairly short relationships due to my general feelings of weirdness. During sex in those relationships I was not as aroused as I am when I’m fantasising about hair. I feel really f #*!ed up as a human being inside, yet no-one knows anything about it.

I know that if I walked in to my mother’s house with a short haircut she would probably come in her pants and I can visualise her extended inspection and stupid comments as she dealt with being aroused. I know her too well – if I were in fact to cut my hair short and go to show mum I would be totally turned on also. And THIS makes me feel a bit sick and creepy. Like I mentioned earlier, I had a strong awareness of her ‘vibe’ when cutting hair from such a young age, but to know that I have the same form of strangeness as her is unsettling.

I can’t believe how dominant this hair theme has been throughout my life, and how deeply entwined it is with my whole appearance/self-esteem issue. Anyway, I’m not sure how I feel about the hair fetish thing at the moment. I’m thankful to learn of others with similar hair fetish experiences, yet I still struggle to accept that it is normal or okay for me.

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Thank god I'm not alone! I've always got a weird feeling since a young age about the idea of women with really really long hair have it all chopped off in one go- the earliest I can remember is having the story of rapunzel read to me when I was little! I've only just begun to realise it's arousal and I have no idea why. I don't want this feeling whenever I see or even think about drastic haircuts...but I do. At least I'm not alone.

i would like you to cut my hair :)

Very interesting story. I have a haircutting fetish myself. I knew it since I was very small. Through I like woman who get their cut until bob haircut more. Just like you I keep my fetish secret.

Very interesting story. I have a haircutting fetish myself. I knew it since I was very small. Through I like woman who get their cut until bob haircut more.

I also feel the same not when it started but i must have neen young couldn't even realize i was arouse .....the thought of having my hair forcefully cut turn me extremely on however i dont have a face for it, also i would like it b a sexual experience not at a b/f like long hair c

He suggest i dont shorter than should length & that what i have now but i meet him with hair to my waist idk how he would feel if i told ive always felt so weird about these feeling n like i said my face is not for short pixie cut :(

When I was a child I always wanted to go with my mother to the hair saloon just to have the opportunity to see girls having her hair cut. I experienced a kind of pleasure which now I identify as sexual one. I'm heterosexual but it only works when I see girls or I imagine myself. It is stronger even when I imagine its me who is going to have the hair cut. Sometimes I have to imagine the situation when I'm in bed with my boyfriend and it helps to excite me.I have long hair and I don't have it cut because I think it's not going to suit on my face and the last thing I want is to feel unatractive, but one of my fantasy is going to a hairdresser with a sudden decission and I imagine a very attractive man who cuts my hair really short, very slowly and then I would be so hot that we close the saloon and we make love. It's just a fantasy but that's how is my hair fetish

Your fetish is exactly like mine, though thankfully my mother does not share this arousal (though I have some suspicions my grandmother might). I love my hair (not in an sexual way, but just because I do), and I keep it long, but at the same time I feel aroused at the idea of a woman's hair being cut drastically. I'm straight, and it made me feel like a total freak for so long until I discovered other people like me. I always wonder what made me like this, and why I have these feelings, especially since hair is such a weird thing to be arousing me. For some reason, I especially get turned on by the idea of a guy cutting his girlfriend's hair forcibly, and I think I may have a slight dominance fetish as well. It's such a bizarre thing, but I keep it private and am slowly accepting it.

I feel the exact same way

I understand where you are coming from! I don't know how and when it all started for me. I guess my mum had hair she can sit on and she wanted me to be the same way. i was never allowed to get it cut. In my teenage years she didn't have much say and with my bestie being a hairdresser it progressivly got shorter and shorter. I get really aroused when i hear scissors close to my head and i wish i was brave enough to get a short pixie or clip the nape of my concave bob. The sound of the clippers really excites me but ive never had them used on me. I always felt like a weirdo that there was something wrong or sick with how I felt...Then I met my now husband, He is super understanding and loves when i cut his hair for him. It turns him on just as much to know how much i am being turned on. I took a barbering course and I get to cut his hair every week :)! Yay for military haircut regulations. I still crave that feeling of my nape being short though.. even forcefully. Good to know i'm not alone.

Thanks for your story. I've a hair fetish myself, specifically a haircutting fetish and i can blend in with your feelings about forced cutting. I have a girlfriend (i'm a lesbian) and she knows about my fetish and fantasies. She's totally open minded and i can say whatever i want during sex. She loves me and therefore, she lets me be whoever i am, as she says. I actually get to cut her hair this week which is totally exciting and arousing. I love her so much for giving me this opportunity. So please, don't hide your feelings. Ask someone close to you for their opinion and see what it might bring. You're beautiful and it's a feature that makes you different, and therefore special.

I have had a hair fetish since I was a little boy. I remember liking June Cleavers flip do on Leave it to Beaver. I would get very hard while watching her. This continued through out my school years. At first I looked for the girl with the longest hair. Then came the 70's and the shag. This haircut changed my mind about hair. This haircut became and still is my favorite. I would date only woman with this haircut or at the very least had feathered hair. This continued through my college and into my adult life. Then in the 90's I found the mushroom cut. I had a secretary with that cut. I noticed my **** would get very hard with her around. By that time my wife had cut off her shag. I had a long affair with my secretary and her beautiful haircut. Running my **** through the short hair on the nape felt so good. She then grew out her hair and I divorced and found a woman with a shag. She has vowed to keep her hair like this until death. Being in my mid 50's this could be a long time. Only time will tell if she keeps her word.

I feel much better knowing there are other people like me. Thanks for the story and all the replies!

My earliest memory of realising my fetish for long hair on women was when i was about 6-7years old i think?my first memory was of my granny & my aunt who had very long hair and they would shampoo and dry it under the fan,while they took their afternoon nap every sunday as a a ritual and on one of the sunday for some strange reason?I strated feeling these weird feelings just staring at all that gorgeous long hair cascading down from the edge of the bed two women sleeping away to glory.All that hair looked so inviting,I just didnt know what to do?so i looked for a pair of scissors and found one and for some strange reason started to cut both their hair and when that gorgeous long hair was falling on the ground, it gave me a strange sort of pleasure, which as a 6-7 year old i could not fathom?
of course when my aunt & granny woke up and saw a lot of their hair cut just crazily ....they were furious and my mom gave me a thrashing of a lifetime and they never did understand why i did it?and after that they never let their hair loose when i was around...LOL!
and after that i got smarter so i would not cut it...but just play with it and feel it on my p***s when they fell asleep in the nights...but that's a diff.story...LOL

Thank you for sharing such a personal story. I'm a 40+ guy and I can totally relate to feeling weird about hair fascination, and that it's not something that I talk to people about. That makes it even more valeuable to see that other people on here have similar thoughts. I much prefer long hair to short or to the idea of cutting hair (which I find rather disturbing) but I think that probably fascination of hair has a connection to D&S, even if there's no humiliation etc involved.

I thank all of you so very much! For some reason today is the first day I have specifically searched for others stories about their long to short hair-cutting fetishes, even though I knew I was not alone. I always thought that guys only were into such a fetish. I am a male and I first realized that haircutting aroused me when I was in the 6th grade and a girl I had a crush on had long brown hair and she cut off about 5 inches during class. This is before I even knew what ************ was. So at the moment I just knew that it aroused me. That was my first time being aroused. From there on whenever I saw, heard, or thought of a women cutting her long hair short I was aroused. I also should mention that when I was growing up there was a Christmas story that my parents would sometimes read at Christmas about a women that cuts and sales her long hair to have enough money to buy her husband a nice watch and he buys her a beautiful clip for her hair. I remember as a young child being fascinated with the event in the story and sometimes taking the book off the shelf several times during the year to read the story and get the 'funny' feeling it gave me. My mom had long brown hair when I was young and kept cutting it shorter and shorter until I was ten and it was then cut to a longer pixie haircut. My parents say that as a baby I just loved to play and hold my moms hair when she was hold me or breastfeeding me. I remember when she cut her hair as short as a bob for the first time and as short as it has ever been which is the above mentioned long pixie haircut. It gave the same 'funny' feeling during those changes. I know it is all related but I don't know how it developed into the fantasy of cutting long hair short as a major sexual turn on. I always thought I was a weirdo and that something was seriously wrong with me the breast, butt, and genitals were not the thing that turned me on but that long hair turned me on on women.. or even better long haired women cutting all their long hair short. Today I accept that everyone has their own specific feature or fetish that arouses one the most and the way my childhood was and how my mind developed along with other factor made mine be women cutting their hair short. Its ok. I just can't let it dominate my life and make me actually cut a girls hair without her wanting me to or do something strange of that nature. I actually find that once I fall in love with a woman that just her smile, smell, touch, and other things turn me on just as much. Thanks for letting me be open and thank you everyone for being open as well!

Ever since I was a child I can remember having this throbbing between my legs whenever I thought about short hair. My mom had my hair very short until I asked her to let me grow it out when I was in kindergarten. It wasn't until recently that I realized that this feeling I've had since I was young was actually some kind of sexual arousal. I was actually incredibly aroused reading your story and all of the comments. I, too, am very frightened to cut my hair short, even though the thought of it arouses me so much. Recently my boyfriend told me how much he likes girls with short hair, and I can't stop thinking about it. I've been looking at pictures of females with short hair, and it is kind of like *********** for me. It is great to see that this isn't something weird or something i should ignore. I just wish I knew what i could do to help satisfy me in regards to this.

Take the plunge & cut it. Your boyfriend will love it. (;

I totally feel the same as you. It's nice having some other people who think like you. In my case I'm frightened to cuy my hair short because I'm not sure I'm going to feel attractive, and I know I have a problem of self steem. But I share the feeling of arousement just thinking on the possibility. You can experience with some wig to imagine the result. I have done it and in my case I am ugly hahaha

I have always dreamed to buzzcut the hair of my GF's head. To see her hair fall slowly on her laps. Unveiling slowly but surely her head as she would shiver from excitement.

I totally understand. My fetish started when i was about 5 years old when my sisters friend let me play with her long blonde hair. Every since then i was hooked. I dealt with it quietly until i got married and we moved away. I talked my wife into letting me cut her hair. It wasn't the best cut i ever done ,but it was out standing. From then on thats all i could think about. I finally went to beauty school and learnd how to cut hair. I really love to cut womens hair. I love to cut long hair shorter and change thier apperance. I dont care if people think i am wierd. I feel so good when i am cutting womens hair. Keep up with the good feelings and dont be afriad to let your feelings show.

Not a weird fetish. I love hair actually. Both on the hear and also pubic hair on women.

It's good to read peoples stories and comments on hair fetishes, my name is Dan, i've had a hair fetish for about 25 years (i'm 37 now), wheather it had something to do with my auntie and my sister both being hairdressers i don't know, but i always thought i was weird because i had this fetish, which made me have confidence issues in the past.<br />
Since the internet has come along i have read alot of hair fetish stories and i've realised that i'm not alone in this world, it's great to share stories, views and comments with other likeminded hair fetishists. <br />
Thank you to Phoebe for sharing that amazing story, a story that i can relate to very much indeed :) XXX

A brave story Phoebe, well done for getting it off your chest. You are certainly perfectly normal and not a weirdo. There are plenty of us who share your views and empathise with your needs.

please you are not alone their are alot of us out their

Love what you say and howyou said. It. Love to hear more. About you and. Where you live

I totally agree with the comments already posted. <br />
Its not strange or wierd. its different, however there are many of us with similar fetishes, and probably all have at one time felt like we must be sick to have such feelings. I to dont really get turned on during sex unless there is hairplay, or roll playing involved. It would be ideal for all us fetishist to find a partener who understands us or has a similar fetish.....maybe this website can facilitate this happening for some of us :)

I feel for you Phoebe. I have the same feelings. We are not wierd or sick. It is something that is us. It does not hurt anyone but it does make us feel good. I too have kept my hair fetish a secert even though I have let out little hints here and there. I have a shaven head now and have been shaven by a woman and have been lucky to shave a womans head. Phpebe, just hang in there and know that we are out there for you in support. Go for the shortest cut that you want for it will grow back and most people will not even notice after awhile.

Do not feel alone i am with u !!!

thank u

there's a whole community of people like you. the internet is good for that.<br />
<br />
also, you might chose to share this hair interest with whomever you're with, they might be ok with it and help you enjoy it. no sense in feeling bad about it if it's fun. it doesnt hurt anyone.

Yes, you are not alone.... I don't know if it's true but i think that you need to dare more. in general but i particular with your hair... why don't you try a bob...? hair grows 1,5 cm each month... Go for it!! (just my advice... ;)

Very brave story indeed! Know this you are not alone especially here! welcome to the club!

Thank you, Phoebe. I've always felt terribly embarrassed, ashamed & that something must be terribly wrong with me. Until coming across certain websites in recent years, I was certain I was the only one with these feelings. It does seem to me that as for people with this fetish, women seem to be the minority.

I am in total agreement with cropshop. I thought I was alone until I saw a magazine advertised in the late 80s titled "Razors Edge" I never found the magazine, but I knew others like me were out there somewhere. Then the internet came along and I felt vindicated.<br />
I too was forced into unwanted haircuts by a dominant mother, but I will never know if that was a factor. A chicken and the egg thing, I suppose.<br />
<br />
Think of all the people with a foot fetish or an armpit fetish for example. Yeah, I think it's weird, but who am I to judge.

thanks for sharing your experiences , I can assure you that there is nothing weird or strange about having a haircut fetish. everyone has a secret fetish & ours is totally harmless compared with some.<br />
don't ever worry or be scared to speak as you are among likeminded friends on EP. I have had the fetish since teenage years , yes , I keep it a secret in my everyday life but on here I feel totally at ease , hence my stories etc.