Why Do We Have This Fetish?

I want us all to consider what happened to us and why we ended up like this? Are we strange or are we obsessive people, or is it just that we like those sensations, those vibrating clippers, that sound of the scissors cutting our hair off when we don't want it cut. Is it the clean sterile surroundings being held under a cape and being helpless to do anything about it. What do you think happened to you? Were you shorn of your pride and joy involuntarily, or is it that you went for the short haircut and liked the way it felt.
Voluntary or involuntary i suppose it could be either way. Just seeing someone elses hair slowly fill up on the cape and surround the chair, the sound of the clippers humming and vibrating against your nape. Tell us all your stories and how you came by your fetish.
It will be interesting to look into this area of our lives and how it has dominated our thought processes from minute to minute, from hour to hour or day to day, is it constantly on your mind when you are busy or not busy. I am not an analyst i just think it would help us all to explore this side of our nature, please reply.
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5 Responses Feb 24, 2012

I had a similar experience to billfish1960. With hair of a similar legnth and of a shining golden colour a girl would kill for, I was given a severe short back and sides in the early seventies after being told to have it cut by the school headmaster. Having my haircut has been an ordeal ever since and made more difficult once barbers started using clippers as a routine some 10 years ago.

As a kid I hated going to the barber shop. In the 70s I was about 14 and went to the barber for what I thought was a trim. My hair was long but not to my shoulders. Unknown to me my dad had visited the barber earlier and instructed him to give me a"real haircut". As I sat in the chair he ran the clippers with no guard on them up the sides and back of my head so fast I was scalped before I knew what was going on. I was so traumatized that I didn't get my hair cut for about two years. Once I did start getting my hair cut again I would go to a think female stylest, which I kind of enjoyed. I think that hair cut years ago led to my fetish

as far as i can tell most fetishes are associated with trauma, loosely interpreted. not just hair.

Am 38 M, i have this hair fetish since the age of 14, looking a women getting her hair cut,permed, color or washed by a male, makes me extremely excited and gives un-explainable pleasure.. i wish i wud have long hairs on which these seductive things are done..i also love women getting their long hairs and eye brows shaved to smooth..am now growing my hairs, as i love feminish looks and desires..once my hairs will be grown, wud love and enjoy this feeling...wud love to get a shaved nape hair style some day..its so seductive really..

i had forced haircuts too ,