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Why Do We Have This Fetish?

I want us all to consider what happened to us and why we ended up like this? Are we strange or are we obsessive people, or is it just that we like those sensations, those vibrating clippers, that sound of the scissors cutting our hair off when we don't want it cut. Is it the clean sterile surroundings being held under a cape and being helpless to do anything about it. What do you think happened to you? Were you shorn of your pride and joy involuntarily, or is it that you went for the short haircut and liked the way it felt.
Voluntary or involuntary i suppose it could be either way. Just seeing someone elses hair slowly fill up on the cape and surround the chair, the sound of the clippers humming and vibrating against your nape. Tell us all your stories and how you came by your fetish.
It will be interesting to look into this area of our lives and how it has dominated our thought processes from minute to minute, from hour to hour or day to day, is it constantly on your mind when you are busy or not busy. I am not an analyst i just think it would help us all to explore this side of our nature, please reply.
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I've wrote so many,,, it started when I was a teenager,, 17,, went in a beauty shop, I didn't not expect to get my hair washed, it was an old lady shop,, and an old lady beautician working there took me and shampooed me,, my stylist was a young girl,, but when the old lady told me to come on back with her , I thought she was bringing me to the stylist..she was leading me to the sink , she stopped turned to me and said have a seat here. my heart started racing, my legs like limp spaghetti,, and a little bit of jitters,,as i see the paisley chair and the brown sink with a deep neck notch and black hose sprayer coiled up in it..I'm trying to look calm as old ladies under the dryer are looking at me..I see myself in the mirror across from me over the styling chair,, and I feel a cloth band being secured around my neck, as she stands next to me a HUGE cape is flung in front of me the went to my ankle, exposing only my steel toed boots,, (and i am 6'0 ) tall-and it's tied at the base of my neck as I feel her hands moving my longer length hair and trying to keep as much as neck and nape uncovered,, and finally a towel is being tucked around my neck. And secured on my chest with a clip,, she tells me to lay way back, the bottom of the chair slides forward the back reclines as she is helping my head and neck back and guiding it into the neck rest and gathering the length of the back of my hair in the sink.I feel I'm in a submissive position and almost felt like a prisoner to this elder woman, so I'm really to nervous and shy to say no,, I just sit and listed,, my chest in in the air, I look up and the ceiling, the water turns on wildly splashing and hissing with great force in the sink,, for a couple of minutes, I see and feel the steam from the hot water ,, she is short, stocky and busty,,.standing to my left. .then she leans over me ,her arm to the right of my head, her massive pink smock in my face, and I feel the hard pressure of the sprayer being applied to my head, feeling my hair getting heavier as it is soaked,,, my eyes are shut from the splashing, the people staring at me, the big pink chest in my view,,and also shutting away the world because I'm a little embarrassed.. As the water stops after she drenches me, I hear and feel the thick cold shampoo squirting from the bottle on to my head,, she starts to rub it in,, this is such a weird feeling ,, with my head back in this sink and the squishyness being rubbed on my head,, she squirts more on with one hand while the other is massaging it in.. She puts the bottle down. I now feel the firmness and both of her hands making all kinds of motions all around my head up and down on the sides circular on top.. There is no words uttered by her or me,, it's silent as I feel this with my eyes shut,, I feel like my head is just loaded with soap. Never felt that way when I washed my own hair,,,suddenly,, I feel a surge and tickling sensation , a rush under the cape down south,,, I'm ready to crawl thru the floor, I'm getting hard,, this is so weird this is happening,, in her picking my head up, she says ok lift up your head, I lift it up high enough out of the sink and quickly opened my eyes to see me in the mirror across with a mountain of lather on my head as she scrubs the back and the side since my head is up,, this goes on for like 3 minutes,, I'm deathly afraid of this being broadcast to the guys in school..! Ok, she says lay back,, I feel soap on my neck and its slippery back in the neck notch,, finally the water start up,, I'm still blue in the face from this erect-business, I have un tight jeans and briefs,, no room for it to move nor me as I'm pinned in this chair by her stout little body , pressed against my left shoulder during the entire shampooing.. I feel all the lather being slid off my scalp while she pushes it off my head with her hand,, the sprayer is hissing wildly and then suddenly muffles as the presses it against my scalp in the back,,,and I feel the pressure and splashing on the hairline of my forehead as she makes another round of rinsing out completely.. I'm am as hard as a rock,, my eyes ready to bulge out of their sockets... The water abruptly stops,, she's done,,, but I,m still solid,, she can't take this cape off,,, again,, I feel the cool squirt of something going on my head ,, she starts the rubbing in of lather again,,, I can't believe this,, I'm embarrassed,, but it kind of feels good... She does this two more times. 3 repeats,!,, I continue to remain solid.. After the third shampoo and rinse,, she applies a cream rinse after she asked me,,I just said ok if you think so....after 15 minutes of her shampooing and creme rinse,,she is done,,, she places,a towel on me and scoops my head up ,I sit up as she dries and the wraps it Ina turbine,, what a sight that was ,, I had a goatee at the time,, so, the other ladies under the dryers watching my little ordeal must of had a refreshing different sight to see with a beard,, they did not have any steady ,ale customers there, my stylist gave me an excellent cut,, I came back for 3 yrs,, a little nervous the next couple of times as I knew I would be getting the shampooing of my life ,, and so I did, and i was always shampooed first by one of two elderly ladies working there,,, both of them gave me the same reaction ,I subconsciously got hooked on having my hair washed in beauty shops,,only by older ladies and I mean elderly 65+. I still think about it every day and wish those shops were still around. So,,, how's that for a hair fetish?.

my first real memory of a severe haircut happened during a visit to my aunts in a small village there had been an outbreak of head lice in my cousin's school and all the boys, myself included, were summoned to the church hall and were clippered , with manual clippers to the skin, very traumatic at the time I was 6 years old and remember the fear as the line slowly moved towards the barbers chair knowing I had no escape, in all about 50 boys were basically shaved that day, this was 1963 in Scotland

I had a similar experience to billfish1960. With hair of a similar legnth and of a shining golden colour a girl would kill for, I was given a severe short back and sides in the early seventies after being told to have it cut by the school headmaster. Having my haircut has been an ordeal ever since and made more difficult once barbers started using clippers as a routine some 10 years ago.

As a kid I hated going to the barber shop. In the 70s I was about 14 and went to the barber for what I thought was a trim. My hair was long but not to my shoulders. Unknown to me my dad had visited the barber earlier and instructed him to give me a"real haircut". As I sat in the chair he ran the clippers with no guard on them up the sides and back of my head so fast I was scalped before I knew what was going on. I was so traumatized that I didn't get my hair cut for about two years. Once I did start getting my hair cut again I would go to a think female stylest, which I kind of enjoyed. I think that hair cut years ago led to my fetish

as far as i can tell most fetishes are associated with trauma, loosely interpreted. not just hair.

Am 38 M, i have this hair fetish since the age of 14, looking a women getting her hair cut,permed, color or washed by a male, makes me extremely excited and gives un-explainable pleasure.. i wish i wud have long hairs on which these seductive things are done..i also love women getting their long hairs and eye brows shaved to now growing my hairs, as i love feminish looks and desires..once my hairs will be grown, wud love and enjoy this feeling...wud love to get a shaved nape hair style some day..its so seductive really..

i had forced haircuts too ,