Short Story ~ Erotic Shampoo

He becomes lost in my eyes.

We are as one for a moment, when his gaze remains still and he runs his hand through my hair.

"You are such a beautiful girl, Mariah," he whispers. His words are truly heartfelt in what I can sense to be such an endearing way.  

"Lean forward," he says.  A rush courses through my veins as I am immersed in water, until he pulls me back forcefully and takes in the perfumed richness of my hair.  His breath is sharp, relentless.  A murmur escapes my lips; I was not expecting this, still gasping for breath, clinging to the sides of the bathtub.

His dominance overpowers me.  He takes my head into his hands while I lay below him in sheer helplessness because of the silence being too overwhelming.  I feel his strong arms protecting me, holding me; no one can break our spirit as we are now one true being.

"Don't stop, that feels wonderful," I groan.

While he is giving to me a strong, forceful massage, the ecstasy I feel is beyond imaginable and in no way like anything I have ever experienced.  A glimmer of excitement ignites in me through such brilliance from the man of my dreams.  I never knew the true power of love until I met him.

I once again lift my head and find myself locked within his gaze.  Soapy water runs down my face and stings my eyes; however, I am too overwhelmed with sheer bliss to feel any pain.  At the moment all of my tears are washed away, and I have no fear, the fear that I myself have conquered.  

"That's a good girl."

He rinses my hair, working his fingers through the knots and tangles of each delicate strand.  Every minute seems to drone onward in its seemingly endless and dreamlike state, as if the world and our surroundings are virtually nonexistent, only to be the work of my imagination, but everything I feel is true.  Life at this very moment is perfect.

I am then taken captive by sleep, my head on his chest...
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beautiful story! Thanks!