Have any of you guys ever been rumbled?

See, my partner knows about my fetish, and indulges it by taking me along with him when he gets his hair cut at the barbers. It's a place we've been visiting for a while now, yet the other day the owner kept staring at me while I was sat, perfectly innocently in the waiting area for my partner to finish getting his haircut, just catching up on my texts/emails (and enjoying the view, of course!). My partner commented that at one point, the owner sat opposite him while he was in the chair (as my partner was the only client in there at the time) and stared at him for a while, too. The owner has known my boyfriend for a long time now, and has never been like this before.

I just wanted some opinions, as I always enjoy hearing what you guys have to say, and my experience the other day has made me wonder whether or not the owner of the barbershop doesn't like my presence, or if we've been 'found out' - or I could just be being paranoid, he could have been bored!

Thanks fellow ep'ers!
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5 Responses Aug 18, 2014

I am curious as to what you and your boyfriend decided to do? If you feel comfortable messaging me back with the answer or just to talk hair fetish cool. Oh and I would respect any your relationship I don't want to make your boyfriend jealous, just looking for a good person to talk hair. (Hair fetishes rock)

It sounds like the owner has no manners. Sitting and staring at a customer or a guest! I agree with LadiesStylist. You can go elsewhere.

Test him. Next time tell the barber that you might want to be next because you've been thinking about cutting your hair really short. Ask the barber if he does short haircuts or just haircuts like your partner gets. Act skeptical.

Ignore him, enjoy the show!!

I doubt you've been found out, he probably was just in a bad mood or something! That's my best guess anyway :)