My Hair Fetish

For as long as I can remember I have always had an "abnormal" strong attraction to beautiful hair. I absolutely love looking at a woman with shiny silky tresses and it doesn't matter if it's long medium or short. Although for me it's more than just "admiration". It's more of a sexual fetish because I've always became very sexually aroused whenever I have had the opportunity to touch, play with, comb, etc.... a girl's hair. From my teen years I have only dated girls with a thick shiny full head of hair and I would always style, comb and play with their hair, With two girls I dated, I talked them into allowing me to cut their hair from very long to above the shoulders. I have even saved their silky ponytails to this day! After high school I made pretty decent money so I got an idea to take out ads in a local variety news paper and a couple college campus newspapers looking for girls who could use extra money by selling me their hair. Eventually, word got out and I would get two to three calls a week from girls who needed quick cash for their hair but I couldn't afford to buy them all so I adjusted the ads to target specific hair types and lengths etc. So then I had few offers that included "more" then just haircuts if I would buy their hair!!! So anyways, by doing this I accumulated a very large ponytail collection and became quite good at cutting and styling hair.

One day while doing this I met the girl who would eventually become my wife. She called and wanted to meet me out at a coffee shop to discuss the details of the haircut. When I met her I was immediately aroused. She was beautiful with extremely long silky blonde hair!

Now my wife and I have been married for years and she still has sexy silky blonde hair. I know this sounds strange but I would love to find another friend with the same hair fetish who would like to play in my wife's gorgeous hair. I would be so turned on seeing a guy stroking, combing, brushing and maybe even mastrbating with her hair and ******* on her head!

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I would love to play with your wife's hair. I used to play with, brush, wash, condition, blow dry, straighten, curl, and *** in my ex girlfriends hair. She loved it.

We can definitely work something out!

I can identify with your story as I have always had a strong fetish for long hair and would love to play in your wife's hair if I lived close by.
I did have the pleasure of that expierence a few years ago. I meet a guy on the internet who wanted someone to play in his wife's hair while he video taped it. They lived out of town but not far so he set it up. They got a room close to where I lived and I met them there. I was not sure what to expect or if it was real or not but had to try. All was as he said. I went to their room and she was there sitting in a chair watching tv. he had his camera ready and handed me a hair brush. I stood behind her and started brushing her hair. I brushed her blonde hair which was a little past shoulder length. I would touch and smell her hair as I brushed it and soon had a very hard erection in my pants. I would brush her hair with one hand and rub the front of my pants with the other. Then I pulled my pants down to my knees so I could feel her soft hair on my manhood. Soon I was rubbing my hardness all in her silky hair. she never said a word but kept looking straight ahead. I began stroking my manhood in her hair and my **** was leaking on her hair.....what a lovely sight. I was so turned on by ******* in her hair as her husband watched and videoed I soon started to *** in her soft silky hair/ My juices shot out into her hair and I was in heaven. When I finished squirting my manhood stayed hard as I knew I wanted more so again I started to jerk off in her hair and once again I was shooting into her hair. It was soooo hot and soooo sexy.
When I finished the secong load she went into the bathroom to was her hair and her husband shut off the camrea. I thanked him and left. This only happened one time but I will never forget it.

jolexi..... You are probably not going to believe this but...... Guess what! ;-)

I am willing to cut 17-20 inches right now. I am not sure about price because this is very new to me lol

Is anyone still buying hair? I am looking to sell mine

How long is it, and how much do you want?

If you still buying hair, you can find it in this hair classifieds site

did he sniff or take in the scent of her hair and did she jerk you as he jerked on her?

I posted some pics of Don enjoying Kim's hair. (<br />
<br />
I would LOVE to find another guy to enjoy her hair as much as he did!

Yes I do have some pics of her hair and I had even posted a few online in a yahoo group called *** in and around womens hair. I would post them here if I could. <br />
<br />
Kim is growing her hair long again. Unfortunately the Hair Trader doesn't exist anymore. I'd LOVE to fine another guy to enjoy her hair again!

I would live to style brush and *** in your wife's hair where do you live

I am curious to hear about how your wife's hair is doing after that awesome experience of having her hair played with and cut off by another guy. I really enjoy reading your post and the posts after. I have a huge hair fetish and have checked on Hair Trader many times for women cutting their hair off and that is one of the first things I look it, can the buyer cut their hair. That was one lucky guy who got to enjoy your wife's hair like that. It really sounded like one of my ultimate fantasies, play with a beautiful head of long thick silky hair for a couple of hours (including shampooing and conditioning it), then cut off a nice long thick ponytail and then enjoy her new shorter hair some more. Is your wife growing her hair out again for another hair adventure?? Do you have any pics that show your wife's hair?

That is SO erotic! I too am a long-hair lover who never thought about cutting or short hairstyles. However, a couple years ago, I was asked by a lady if I would cut her waist length hair shorter, and I knew if I didn't, someone else would, so I agreed. Well, it was a very arousing experience, and since then I have become a fan of all female hair, long or short. I love to brush and shampoo and set and cut, but the best experience is when I get the lady excited. It's awesome when two people share this experience!

Oh yes he did and he came on top of her head! My wife knew up front that the reason he wanted to buy her hair was because he wanted to use it as a sex toy Kim and I talked it over the possibilities the night before and knew that I was hoping it would happen just like it did. I loved it and she enjoyed it. After Don finished ******* on her head he got to shampoo her hair in the shower,.Then he dried it, cut it, styled it and then he spent another hour making out with my wife's head again! He's invited back to our house to play in her (short) hair again this week!

Check out my blog for updates and pictures!

Wow, reading your story it was amazing how much your desire for hair matches my desire. A woman's hair is always the first thing that I notice. I've had this fetish since I was a kid. I was always trying to find ways to play with women's hair. It was so much fun. The part about being able to cut their hair is also amazing. That is incredible that you got to do that. I was much older before I got to give my girlfriend a haircut and I cut off about 4 inches, which was quite an experience. I always had conflicting thoughts about cutting hair. I love long hair, but also love to cut hair. I don't need to cut a lot off but maybe some day will get the chance to cut off a long thick ponytail. I also collect locks of women's hair. I only have one ponytail that I bought off of e-bay once. I enjoy playing with it. I would love to see pictures of your collection. I am also curious, how much did you have to pay for the hair? Putting ads in local colleges is something that I have also thought about doing. It looks like it really works. It's great to see others with the same fetish as I have.