My First Girlfriend's Hair

My first "real" girlfriend was in my Junior year of high school. Her name was Yvonne. Italian girl with a pretty face but she was somewhat chubby. When I first met her after transferring to her school most of the guys in our class ignored her because of her weight but I didn't care about that, her hair was perfect. Absolutely gorgeous. It was very dark brown, silky straight, shoulder length with the straight white part to the side and feathered bangs. I remember how the lights in the room would reflect off her hair and I would actually get hard when it would swing while she walked. We started going out on dates soon after we met and I was very pleased when I finally offered to brush her hair and she actually really enjoyed it and eventually wanted me to brush her hair for her whenever we were together.

Next time, I will go in to all of our hair experiences. I love it all!


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1 Response Mar 18, 2009

Would love to hear about all of your experiences with her. It's great when you find someone who is a willing hair partner