I Have Sacraficed My Long Hair For Lent, I Have Always Wanted To Do This.

I had finally fulfilled my want and need, I have always wanted to do this, I had requested that the pastor of my church, and a nun that I have known for a long time cut my hair off and use it as a gift to Jesus.  After discussing this with them, they realized that I was serious and it was not a sick joke. I have been very sincere about wanting to do this for lent, so they agreed to do this.   I had gone into my church on an off day in the presence of my family and knelt on the prayer kneeler and had a white cape with a cross on the front  placed on me by Sister Anne, I had my long hair up in a bun she then had let my hair down and brushed it out for the last time to prepare for all my hair to be cut off and then the pastor approached me with the shears in his hand, he said a prayer with me, stepped behind me  and  proceeded to cut  my thick long locks of hair off my head.  As the chunks where cut off he had handed them to  Sister Anne and she  placed the cut hairs on a tray with a white cloth on it  to be used as one of the gifts for the next mass.  My hair was cut off as a gift to Jesus . After many cuts with the shears, my hair was very short and spiked.  Then Sister Anne finished the haircut  with clippers that I had provided and all of my hair had been removed from my head and the cuttings were swept up from the floor and  was enclosed in the cloth and placed on the gift table. It was absolutely wonderful. I was very lucky to find my church to accommodate me with this, It was a ceremony rather than just going to a barber or hairstylist  and saying, I cut it off for lent. Yes I enjoyed this immensely. 
sacraficedmyhairforlent sacraficedmyhairforlent
41-45, F
Apr 10, 2012