Bad Boy! I Snipped Off A Lock Of My Wife's Hair While She Slept

On the weekend me and my bbw wife went to bed as usual and I snuggled naked up to her soft fluffy body and nuzzled my face into her super soft hair, which is bobbed so I am touching her head.

I began to play with her hair with my hand and got very turned on. Since she cut her long hair off (a 10" ponytail which she gave to me as a gift), I find I still am wild about her hair on her head too. I got the idea to do a secret snip of her hair, and that really turned me on. I went to the kitchen and got a pair of scissors and came back to bed and tested to see if she was still asleep and she was. I took a lock of hair at the crown of her head and pulled it straight up. I tested to see if it would wake her and it seemed OK. The lock of silk was about 10 " long. Slowly and quietly, my heart pounding, my d*ck hard, I put the scissors around the lock and slowly squeezed them together and I heard the sound of hair being snipped! It seemed loud in the quiet of the night! I continued to close the blades until they were closed and a 7" lock of hair was cut from her head, leaving a 4" long lock! I was so exhilerated! I looked at it and ran it across my face and lips enjoying what I did!

I then decided to touch the short locks at her nape that used to be long hair, enjoying what she did to her long hair. I think nape hair is the softest hair on the head. Then I thought hmmmm... So I took a thick lock, held it right at the end and took up the scissors again! I tested, seemed OK, and I put the blades around the hair at the end then slowly closed the scissors on the end of this thicker lock. Again it seemed loud in the silence of the night as I began to secretly chop at her hair again! But it was thick and I kept closing the blades and scissoring when all of a sudden she startled and threw her arm around the back of her head and gasped! Panicked, I hid the scissors under the cover and I lost the cuttings I was holding!
Shocked, I asked "What are you doing?" Silence, then she laid back down and instantly fell asleep! Rattled, excited and with my heart racing I laid there motionless for a while and snuck the scissors back to the kitchen, grabbed my cell phone for light to look for thr cuttings before she saw them in the morning! Alas I couldn't find them! I didn't know if she would recall what she did when she felt me chopping her hair so it was scary! Luckily in the morning she had no idea. I was also scared about her noticing the damage I inflicted on her hair and freaking out.

In the evening she was folding laundry and noticed the trimmings on my pillow! She asked if I cut MY hair! To which I responded "Yes!"
I had hid the long lock I was keeping under the bed and I was anxiously waiting for her to leave so I could get it before she found it cuz I would have been busted for sure! When she finally left, I found it pulled out from under the bed cuz she stood on it! Miraculously she never saw it!
I hid the lock away for safe keeping and still have it!
Wow that was quite an adventure!
I looked for thenow short lock I chopped and I could barely see it myself. Because I pulled it straight up it blends so she will never see what I did, but I can see it!!

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2 Responses May 24, 2012

I love when my wife falls asleep. She always has her hair in a ponytail and she loves me playing with it. It puts her to sleep. While she Sleeping I Get The Scissors I Have Hidden In My Night STAND. I pull a the longest lock I can find. Her hair is few inches below her bra strap so there is plenty to find. I just place the scissor as high as I can shooting for 10 inches and snip. She's never woken up. I try not to cut often. I trim her hair so she'll never see. I look for the cut area all the time while having relations. Here is a video of her falling asleep and me playing. I have many pictures I would love to share.

surely she is gonna notice if u snip much more bud - i know u luv long hair but reading ur stories u get real excited abt the thought of cutting it too - wat is is u like abt cutting ? - is it the thought of destroying something beautiful - wat goes through ur mind as u close the scissors