Best Out Of Town Haircut Fetish Experience

I have a haircut fetish.

I was traveling out of town one time and passed by a 6 chair barbershop .It looked busy and enviting. It had been about 3 months since I had a haircut, so I decided I might stop in, so I parked in the lot and watched the place for awhile. I saw many shaggy haired men enter and leave cleaned up. What caught my eye was that the guys leaving had a varietiy of cuts including some that looked very retro slicked down haircuts with side parts, as well as some buzzcuts and just regular cuts. So, I decided to go in to give it a try.

The shop was operated by 6 men in their 30/40s, several with tats. the requisite Penthouse and other assorted mags were on the racks, a fridg was stocked with beer (free to customers), All 6 barbers were at work and 4 guys waiting. The cuts in progress ranged from typical businesscuts, to crewcuts, to flattops, to greaser pomps. The banter was amusing - politics, the weather, and sports of course. This looked like a promising place. I grabbed a beer and sat. I pondered what I would get while I waited: just a trim, a short back and sides, a crewcut or flattop? Finally the moment came and one of the barbers called out "NEXT". The barber had tats on both arms and wore the most incredible looking pomp. I sat and immediately the barber started sizing up my head. "So what'll it be today?" Ok, what to say...? In front of me on the wall was a poster with a number of cuts and I frantically looked thru them. "Well, I'm kind of tired of my current style and like to try something a bit different." He points to a tight fade, I said "No, not quite that short this time". Then he pointed to a pomp with a side part neatly slicked just like his. So, I said "sure - let's give that a try."

So, he did his magic with the clippers. Man - I had a lot of hair - which ended uo on the cape. After divesting me of a lot of hair with the clippers, he lightly tapered the back and sides with scissor over comb. After some final detailing, he aksed: " You do want it pomped with pomade, right?" I entusiatically responded "Absolutely". He then scooped a wod of pomade from a can and rubbed his hands together to soften it up, then smeared it into my hair. He grabbed another wod and did the same. Then he took some white cream from a tube, rubbed his hands together again, and smeared that into my hair. He then set to work sculpting my hair with comb. He asked "You want this parted on the left? as he started to section the hair on the left. Like I had a choice? "Absolutely", I said. It did not take him long to sculpt my hair into the most incredible looking pomp I've seen. It was perfection. I gave him a nice tip and left with my head held high. It was a great haircut and a great experience. Whenever I'm in that area, I try to stop in for a haircut. I would not pass up the opportunity.
frakme frakme
46-50, M
Dec 5, 2012