I Love Shiny Plastic Hairslides

As I child I was fascinated by the shiny plastic things girls wore in there hair by the time I started primary school if a girl near me was wearing a shiny hair-slide I would be unable to look away and the texture and colour would accompany my masturbatory fantasy's if I were lucky that evening in bed but more often it would be overwhelming.
Worst would be if in class I was made to sit behind a girl who wore one (and as I was often sent to the back of the class that was quite often) Once I was several rows back from a very pretty girl who wore a big shiny oval plastic hair-slide on the top of her head it it had two layers of plastic a shiny layer of stippled tortoiseshell effect brown layer and a clear transparent layer underneath making the hair clip itself being the simple wire type that held the slide flat against her head, I would be transfixed staring at her hoping to catch a glimpse of it as she moved her head occasionally catching the sunlight from the window, Id feel it take position of my body giving me an unsuppresable urge to ********** as I imaged being forcible made to wear one that would take possession of my mind making me want to be a beautiful, cute, good and obedient Girl!
Yes I was supposed way back in those days I was supposed to be a boy!
My fascination with them continued, I could not pass a chemist's shop without looking to see what hair-slides were there my secondary school was all boy I had hoped this would save me from the distraction and to some extent it diid I supose but I would still at weekends go to town and knew where to find every hair-slide selling shop where I would discreetly take a look at whatever was on display to fuel my fantasy's :)
One day I found one my sister had thrown away into a drawer because the fastening had broken a beautiful pearly white oval moulded from one piece of plastic the most smooth and shiny finish on the top and small eye and round fastening post at each end with two rows of seven short sharp stubby combs to each side at the widest part. I repaired it by bending a new clasp from a wire hairpin although never wore it in my hair for long I don't know if that was because it was tight enough to stay in my short hair if I had a genuine fear of becoming possessed and being turned into a girl the clasp worked well enough to have it leave two rows of marks from the combs on my foreskin :)
Another later occasion by which time my hair was longer my sister was going away for a sleep over with some friends and left on her dressing table a brand new still on its card small square hair-slide the sort with a simple wire fastener with a hole in the middle so as the slide was a square boarder and the hair could be seen flowing over the fastening clip, it was made from two layers of plastic the top layer smooth and shiny showing a green and pink fabric design within and a white plastic base layer forming the hair-slide. as soon as everyone had left the house I very carefully unfastened it from its card (I can remember the smell of the card to this day) and brushing my hair many times with my sisters hairbrush to sweep all my hair back I fasted it at the back of my head wishing myself to be turned into a girl undressed washed and went to my bed. I don't think I have ever *********** so much ever before or since it was the first time (but defiantly not the last) that I had worn a hair-slide all night.
I did get it back on the card in my sisters room without getting found out.
It was not until I had left school and had a pay packet did I ever summon up the courage to go into a shop and buy myself one then another and another...
Eventually one day my Mum found my stash under my bed all typed of slide, some matching bangles even a pair of sunglasses that matched a particularity sexy hair-slide I was called to why I had them but my excuse was lame and I think it must have been obvious a I'm certain on at least one occasion I was still wearing one in my hair when my mum came in in the morning. They were thrown in the bin and no more was said :(
I of course bought more and this time kept them better hidden :)
By now I was also buying ladies clothes and on another occasion later in life I was persuaded to throw away my fetish stuff my advice to anyone facing this situation DONT! 
That was all a long time ago since then I have transitioned to become female and still regard it as the best thing I have ever done I almost always wear a big shiny hair-slide as I love the click of such a fine feminine shiny sissy hair-slide as I put it in my hair :)

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I was wondering if there would be something to do with that 'click' as it fastenes. ;-)<br />
I understand now. Your desc<x>ription is in such fine detail, I could almost say I have it too. I don't, but I do get that intense rush from other things. That feeling that takes over and blocks everything else out. Like your heart stops, then thumps so hard it could leap out of your chest.