Sharing My Chest

Had a similar experience, but not nearly as exciting as yours.

One of the managers of the consulting firm we worked for had a party at their place. Most of us were younger, no more than early 30s. With the drinking and relaxed atmosphere, somehow the topic of hairy chests came up. Deb was sitting next to me on a sofa and said she loved rubbing a guy's hairy chest. Being a little tipsy,
I let it be known I possessed such a chest. Knowing this, Deb was very determined to play with my chest. I had enough sense to negotiate that if she got to play with my chest, I would get to play with hers. She agreed, but did not want me to do hers with all our co-workers around. I understood and agreed with the terms. So I removed my dress shirt and undershirt, and then put my dress shirt back on. This gave Deb easy access to my chest, of which she liberally took advantage.

I never took Deb up on playing with her chest. I had heard things around the office which gave me the impression Deb liked to share her personal life/sexual adventures with people in our office. At the time I was very adamant about keeping my professional and personal lives separate. I did not want to become part of office gossip. This was not the first nor last time I didn't pursue some naughty activity where the female was open to having some fun, but was known to not keep a secret.

Deb's chest would have been a lot of fun, for she was a tall, thin woman with A-cups, which I adore! Silly, me.
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I'm with you on keeping business and personal separate. If a man is talking about his sexual exploits around work it is now often called "sexual harassment" and gets him fired. The same requirement should be held for women too.

I'm also hairy all over, not excessively so but hairy. I read on some nudist sites that some men shave themselves bare. I wonder why they are trying to look female. I find that strange. A man should look manly.

I have no desire to shave all my body hair. I do keep it bare down there, though.