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I'm a hairy bastard, I'm not particularly fond of it but It's part of me that I've grown to accept...  It beats shaving all the time, or waxing... and I'm a long way from being able to afford laser hair removal or anything.. besides, some folks dig it ;)

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I would never call myself a hairy bastard as I am very happy on how hairy I am, had a hairy chest since they started to grow as a teenager, I have never waxed of shaved the hair off, despite some people comparing my chest to a werewolf, I do remember seeing a professional photograph of my arms and chest, O my goodness I thought to myself, I am very hairy, quite proud of seeing these photographs, it looks different than seeing yourself in a mirror when you are shaving, seeing yourself in a photo is the way other people see you, I looked very hairy indeed. Overall I am very happy on how hairy I am, I would have been disappointed if I had been naturally smooth with no hairs on my chest, I always wonder if there are other guys who have no hair or only a few hairs on there chest who would want more, I certainly would have.

lol exactly! I love my carbs!

i'll save u some next time :O) LOL my weakness carbs..u know us Italians !! red wine toast clink of the glass!

LOL And you didn't share?! That's one of my favorite foods!

LOL a nudy teddy bear! bare hugs backatcha! sorry bout the garlic breath..haha! my garlic bread! like extra garlic!! :O)

Shaving's a swine, too - had some little patches taken off for electrodes once, and the itching while it grew back in was horrid :(

I would imagine that it is, but I have NEVER done that, I only shave my face, no other place.

went down that road once, that was enough

I have been told to trim some longer hair off myself, my reply to those people, f off, I don\'t want to swear, but I know you know what I mean, no matter how long the hair is on myself I have never trimmed off 1cm of hair and in particular, my pubic hair,

Well if you're a hairy bastard ... waxing is just tooooo painful to contemplate ... LOL.

Once saw another man being waxed, yuk, I told the lady that I would NOT be her next customer.