I Have 5 Half-siblings On My Mom's Side That I Have Never Met

I know that at least 2 of them know about me, im pretty sure all of them do. I have never been interested in getting to know them before today. I wonder if they have no interest in getting to know me?

My mom and dad split when I was like 6-8 months, and my older brother was 2. She had 2 kids from a previous marriage. My dad took me and my brother and she got the two half-siblings from a previous marriage. My dad remarried and i have a little half-brother who I grew up with and we are very close. She also remarried and had 3 more kids. So I have a total of 7 siblings...two of which I grew up with, the other 5 are strangers to me. I dont have any interest in getting to know my birthmom because the 2 times I tried to talk to her so far went very badly. She is incredibly manipulative and controlling...and I dont like drama. However, Im really curious about my half-siblings. I was always very disinterested in them, and never thought about them. But i imagine if they would have tried to have a relationship with me, I would have been very open to it. I'm hoping that goes both ways. Im afraid they will want nothing to do with me for some reason.

It gets weird. My older brother DID go off to meet them a few years ago. He ended up living with them for like 6 months, which ended really badly (apparently HE thinks the birthmom is crazy) but he and his ex-wife really liked my half-siblings. now, on occasion, i see them comment on pictures of my nieces and nephews through my ex-sister in laws FB page. it is kind of upsetting to me that they are "friends" with my EX sister and law and have a relationship with her...but not with me. Im kind of jealous about it in a way even though that isnt rational.

I guess Im afraid that I will find out that they dont really think of me as family/blood and will have no interest in trying to communicate with me, even in a very shallow relationship sort of way. This is all new to me because I never was "ready" to deal with it so I never really thought about it until now. But now I THINK I am ready. Not sure how to proceed. I can easily hit "add friend" to ALL of them via FB. they are all accessible through FB and myspace and stuff. I guess I joined here hoping other people can share their experience and advice to me on this situation.
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I know what you're going through. I 've had a similar situation with my half siblings/ (ex) step siblings. Growing up I sporadically saw them or never met them. I hope your situation is different from mine but expect them not to seriously make any effort to form a relationship with you. They'll consider you a sibling and treat you good when they talk with you but it won't be the same closeness as you get from the two siblings you grew up with. It'll be more like how you treat a distant relative.