Siblings I Never Knew About..

So, im 16 and when i was 13 i found out i have 3 more siblings... that makes 11 in total, all from my dad... (my dad was a singer back in my old country so dont ask why so many kids)... so i have 6 full blood related siblings the 4th..  and 5 half/step?... i grew up with 2 of the oldest both in their 30's and hav kids... the 3 younger ones i never knew bout... are all teens.. 2 girls (16 and 17) 17 yr old girl is pregnant and 1 boy (like 19/20 i think).. soo i woke up the other day and heard  my dad say my name countless times so i cleaned myself and went down stairs and i automatically knew because  i heard  the 16 yr old (maria) has big light blue eyes... my dad was on skype webcam chat with them.. so i saw them.. i was very surprised but kept my cool... i avoided the webcam.. because  i was abit shy... so maria is coming to stay with us soon.. and im abit nervous.. she might not like it here and my older bro is a pothead **** and my older sis is like a guy 22 yr older sis lives with her boyfriend and daughter...and son on the way.. my 6 yr old sis is 66% def soo i dunno how she'l cope with all this?.. the house is very loud all day... i have a feeling this is not gonna be good i never met her and she never saw me..its gonna be like a circus lol.
Gkilla16 Gkilla16
18-21, M
May 10, 2012