Don't Know Her.

I'm 15 years old and when I was little I hung out with my half-sister a lot as babies. I don't remember her at all nor do I know anything about her. I've tried for 10 years trying to find her but never did. Her name is Taylor Keele shes about 17 years old now. Her mom's name is Tara Keele. Tara was my dad's ex-wife. Her and my mom used to friends in a way. But then their family left us and we haven't heard from them at all for about 13 or 14 years. My mom and her sister used to see Taylor and her mom Tara at the stores in town. Every time they saw them Tara would hide and move Taylor so she couldn't come in contact with them. Every day I wonder "Does she know who here REAL dad is?" and "Does she know she has 1 younger half-sister and 2 younger half-brothers?" I hope and pray all the time that I'd find her on Facebook or see her in person or something else of that source. My cousin who went to Kindergarten with her says she look just like me but a little skinner. I wonder what my sister is like. Our dad has no clue of where she is or how she is. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers that maybe someday I'd find her and actually talk to her. Thank you.
ZephanieS219 ZephanieS219
May 15, 2012