I Need Advice

My hamster about 3 days ago started to furiously bite bars of his cage.
He drives me crazy..What can I do for him to stop it?
He does it day and night..Is there anything what can make him stop?
Like spraying the bars with something? (like with cats)
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4 Responses Jul 11, 2010

mine know that i call him too. he even talks to me xd lol. (in his own language so i don't get it)<br />
i am giving him branches to bite on..but i guess i will need to buy him something to chew..<br />
my Akira loves to climb and walk on me xp i had 2 hamsters earlier and they didn't bite bars like that though..

you can buy wooden chews which are made from wood that does not splinter or damage their pouches. they need to keep their teeth in trim like most animals and bite on their cage bars to do this <br />
like us all they need things to keep them amused . i play with mine on the sofa he running from on end to the other and playing hide and seek under the cushions. He loves this and gets faster and faster but some days he just sits under the cushions and washes himself. He may spend hours in his wheel at night because of course they are nocturnal. i used to hear him but not anymore. he uses his toilet and answers to his name sunny

he has food, water and tree branch to bite. and i play with him..<br />
i know the sense of hamster's life is escape but he **** me off..<br />
i love him but he drives me crazy. and he wasn't like that earlier..

Give him a chew toy? feed more? play more?