My hamster's name is Mizu. I just got her a week ago. She is a Syrian "Golden" hamster. Right now, she's still afraid of me. Hopefully soon she will get comfortable enough to let me hold her. I'm in the process of building her a bin cage because she will grow out of the wire cage I have for her now. With proper care and love, I hope she will live a long happy life.

I hope if anyone else out there has a hamster, wants one, or ever had one, they will share their stories, questions, and advice in this experience group.
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Naw, hamsters are so cute... One of my best friends had hamsters before, anad part of my pseudonym ("myspip") comes from his favorite hamster's name :"Mysan" :P The other part: "Pippip" comes from my favorite bird's name

Seeing this story pop up in the "New Stories In...." box makes me grin for some strange reason. Hamsters!!! :D

Hamster!!! :D :D :D