A Growing Family

I have a short haired calico syrian female named Cinnamon.  She's my little baby.  I want to get more hamsters, as I have discovered I dearly enjoy caring for them. I'd like to get a pair of dwarves; either robos or winter whites.

Update: I did get two winter white boys; however, they had to be separated due to fighting. :(
Oh well.
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3 Responses Jul 4, 2007

SPEEDY HAMSTERS!!! How fantastic. They even have a breed name that sounds like they're the James Bond of hamsterdom :D

heh, yes, robo is a breed; it's short for Roborovski. they're not actually robotic, lol, however, they do move the fastest, almost like little machines. :)

ROBO HAMSTERS??!?!!?!? Err, ok, so that's probably a breed... not actual robotic hamsters? Anyway, all hamsters are great :D