Hamsters, Hamsters

I have had hamsters for years.  Right now I  have two - Smokey Joe and Tommy.  Tommy looks almost like the group logo.  They are the coolest little people.  Smokey is getting pretty old so he is  not all that active anymore but Tommy is hell on wheels.  I finally had to put 2 books on his cage lid to keep him in.  He loves to get out and run around or if I can't play with  him he likes to spend time in the playpen.  I love to rub my face on their fur - it is sooo soft.  I had a litter once and then couldn't get rid of them so I had 14 cages of hamsters. HAHA  I've had the dwarfs also but I don't like them as well since they tend to be mean.   One thing I do like about the dwarfs is that they can live together (not the same sex) and it is fun to watch them interact with each other. 

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1 Response Feb 15, 2009

Sounds like your hamsters get lots of love :) 14 cages lol!! I used to keep hamsters and I also found the dwarfs to be very nippy!