My First Pet, Lyon

My younger brother actually got a hamster from one of our cousins.  This little one was a male and about a month old.  He had a scar just right under his belly; he got it from his mother somehow, must of been a naughty little rat.  Well, we had this large cage for him to live in and he lived in our basement.  This was our first real pet, excluding all the goldfishes we've had for years.  Everyday when we would come home from school, we'd go see and say hi to him.  They say hamsters can smell you pretty good, it's how they familiarize themselve with you; so I felt that I had to be there it.  I fed it food until he started to take it from my hands and found it cute of him that he didn't actually bite me.

Eventually I started to gain the courage to take him out of his cage and take him all over the house.  Sometimes I would leave him on the living table alone and he's stay in one place, eyes on alert and ears perked up, but the moment I went back to him, he'd be just regular old Lyon. 

He would get lost often in the basement, but we always found him, never went missing for more than a day.  So then my brother decides to buy him a mate, who we called Yuna.  Yuna disappeared after not even 2 weeks I believe.  The funny thing is that we thought she disappeared into the hole in our water pump.  So my brother and I tied a kite string to Lyon's neck, not too tight of course, because he had eventually gotten it off.  We sent him off through the hole and boy did he take almost the whole kite string along with him.  This went on for at least two hours until it seemed like he had stopped running away.  My brother and I had presumed he found Yuna.  But it was dark and my dad came to check up on us.  Boy was he mad. 

So we began to rope Lyon in, but came to find out that he wasn't actually on the other end.  Opps.  There's still a miracle though.  He came back eventually by himself, and he did not want to leave the hole.  I had to drag him out of there.  He's so naughty, he didn't even find the other hamster.  We never found Yuna though.

Unfortunately, Lyon died too young.  During some time when I was out of town, my brother and his cousins were riding their bikes to the park.  Lyon was in one of those small pencil pouches and my cousin thought that Lyon needed to breathe and so he opened the pouch just enough for air and just enough for Lyon to sneak out of there.  Poor Lyon was run over by the bike.  .  I still miss him.  No hamster will ever be as great as he.

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1 Response Mar 26, 2009

hamsters are so cute :) I'm sorry that he died though...