Alone = Misery

i cant stand being alone. it seems like i am always alone. it is safer that way. i cant get hurt that way., but i hate it. i love people and being around them. i love helping them. i will do practically anything i can for anyone if it will help them or make them happy. yet i am always alone. i hate it and it makes me miserable.

survivor122770 survivor122770
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4 Responses Jan 22, 2010

Oh. I like it. I like both but more tend to need a space

I'm the exact same way :'(
Oh my god just started crying I'm glad someone finally understands how I feel

I understand ur feelings now. cuz Im the same way sometimes.<br />
I have a 40 hours job mon to fri and home I hv a 2 year old girl to take care of.. im single mom<br />
but yet I find myself lonely.. when its at nite and weekends.. <br />
Im planning to get a 2nd job for weekends so I wont hv time to say ,im boring and lonely..<br />
Im done with online dating website either cuz it just doesnt really work .<br />
instead of sitting at home feelign lonely why dont we invest our time making $$<br />
hope that helps. good luck

You're not lonely, you just feel lonely. Cheer up, there're things out there you can do that allows you to make new friends, try volunteering for example. I've tried volunteering out in various organisations, and I've met people from all walks of life, making a couple of friends along the way. Find something to do that makes you and others happy, that's my advice :D