Sad...........But So True.......

I have a really really hard time dealing with change. Didn't want my ex to leave me because I'd be alone & I hadn't been alone (physically) in over 5 years.............But now that he's gone...I'm good. Mahahaha!!!

Before we moved here, I wasn't sure I wanted to. The closer the move got the more anxious & depressed I became........But now that I'm here. Never been happier! Mahahahaa!!

If I can just get through the "change" whatever it may be without having a major panic attack, then usually it turns out fine.... It's those panic attacks that do me in.

So maybe it's not the change I have problems dealing with....It the anxiety that the changes cause. Mahahahaha!!!

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1 Response Mar 21, 2009

I just wanted to write and let you kow that I understand what your going threw . My life changing event was different than your but its all hard ajusting to . If you ever like to chat about it.. let me know ....its always nice to chat with someone that understands . My name is mike.......