I don't think I have any serious conditions like ADHD or ADD.
I also do not think there are situations bugging me.
But I do believe it could be pure laziness and I don't want to revert my attention on anything at all.

I have this huge-*** thesis paper to finish and I'm sitting here watching Cazwell's Ice Cream Truck.

Our thesis is about memes. I'm really having fun with it. And by fun, I don't mean writing about it,
I meant the privileges of actually studying the matter by visiting sites like 4Chan and Reddit. I get so distracted with the threads that I actually forget that I have a paper to finish.

I actually went through a whole two hours looking at pictures of corpses and people who post their sisters's underwear.

Focusing is hard.
dustyoldclock dustyoldclock
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1 Response Aug 20, 2014

I come on, can not or will not..? There are youngsters out there that would kill for the gift of being in full time education, if your not committed go out in the real world and get a job... Someone ragging on you to get your job done will keep you focused, all focus is is self discipline...

This response is an eye-opener. I really appreciate this. It made me realize that the answer to my focusing was just merely immaturity. I guess I'm still at that stage of my life.

I actually did get the job done. I always do. My problem mostly is time-management. And like you said, I just lack discipline. Hehehe, well I just wanted to share an experience. Hopefully I wish I would get less distracted.

Good for you, you never know where you will be if you put your mind to it... I wish you well :0)