I Tend to Push Them Away

if i feel that someone is getting too close i will tend to push them away, either that or friends just seem to ditch me with no explantion or anything, so that shatters my confidence which then makes it harder for me to keep friends the next time around.
sezy sezy
18-21, F
3 Responses Aug 20, 2007

Perhaps you are afraid of getting hurt?

I have trouble keeping friends I don't know really why. but I know part of it because of my illness. I forget things. I get overwhelmed with things in life and I am really boring because I can't remember interesting things to talk about. I do have a quiet, patient, tolerant nature.

Do you really want those friends that you push away? What don't you like them? Why do you not want them close to you?<br />
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Just things for you to think about... hope it helps.