I Like To Save Memories

I save letters, books, cards, many from so long ago...I think it's a way for me to keep those I loved and still love close to me.

But sometimes it passes the norm and moves into clutter...I've cut down quite a bit but have a ways to go with the furniture, memorablia, and trinkets I aesthically loathe but would feel so much a traitor were I to discard them to a charity or thrift store.

For a long time now I've noticed that I even do this on EP...my top 20 friends here contain many that rarely or never come on anymore....I have great new friends that in fairness I "should" move up into my top 20 cause that's truly where they belong...but I just can't seem to do it...

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Thank you Jambi321. I'm sorry for your loss of friendships. Some relationships are meant to be short while others survive the test of time. You mention having 1 friendship that has lasted...there must be something special there that you both feel. I believe you can build on that...knowing you have what it takes to be a genuine friend. My very best. :)

you have a very big heart and when you fill it with all of the love you can it must feel like its about to rip apart. I know how that feels, i know im young but ive been through alot and have had alot of friendships with many different people. It seems like all of my friendships are short, except for 1.

you have a very big heart and when you fill it with all of the love you can it must feel like its about to rip apart. I know how that feels, i know im young but ive been through alot and have had alot of friendships with many different people. It seems like all of my friendships are short, except for 1.

Thanks LV...a fellow "saver." :)

I can totally relate to this, it's really hard for me to let go as well.

Aww thanks for commenting Tillygraywriter...it's totally understandable when friends have other responsibilities etc...and I had no intention of deleting anyone....when you feel the urge to write It will be fun to read....:)

Frito, I'm not gone. I'm still here. I'm just kind of lazy about writing stories lately. Please keep me in your circle. I can't think I'm in your top twenty, but any position will be fine. <br />
<br />
I am constantly going through things, sorting out. In the meantime, my kids and grandkids and friends keep sending me more cards and letters to put away, to cherish, and to keep for future remembrances. <br />
<br />
Stay in touch, friend. Maybe you'll encourage me to write. My comments sometimes are longer than other EP experiences I've read!

Ya know it might be interesting to see what's in those boxes Gray. It's great to *see* you here.<br />
Hehe "...not polite..." :)

Hahaha maybe we are Tgilly! I think it's wise to find a place for them...I always find it so sad to see in a thrift store personal items that were obviously much loved. Hopefully your "treasures" will go to family. :)

you're all a bunch of soft hearted ninnynimpknicks,, signed <br />
Another ninnynimpknick.<br />
I wonder where all my treasures will go one day.

Well it's our "junk" now Gryfnn and so it has meaning for us....I would rather have things such as your cat drawing than a piece of jewelry...and that is the truth unless the jewelry also had a special meaning.<br />
As far as the folks who have left, I also keep hoping they will come back. I've been here less than a year but so many good folks have moved on.

Even though I haven't been coming to ep a long time---some of my favorite people are already gone.<br />
I gues it's silly, but I keep them in my circle, because I hope they will come back...I keep procrastinating--putting my memorabilia and collections of sentimental ob<x>jects in order..I really think it's just laziness on my part....Just yesterday, my new daughter-in-law did a delightful drawing of my cat on a ruled piece of notebook paper...I want to fr<x>ame it!...there are art works done by my grandchildren when they were as young as 3 -fr<x>amed and hanging on the wall...treasures..they are grown men now. I remember how impatient I was when I moved my mama(the aunt who raised me)...how callous and exasperated I was with all her "Junk". Now I am her age, I look around this place and realize--I'm just like her :).

Thanks Paco....and you're right....I do know the right balance is less "stuff" than I now have...but I have downsized quote a bit...just need to keep going.

I know..good term "ghost town feeling"....sometimes it's very lonely here...nice to see you Destry...as always...:)

I hope you find the right balance for you, Frito. Only you will know when and what it is. <br />

Hi Destry...I thought that moving might help but I guess we can always find a way to "save" things.<br />
Even though there are a few that haven't been on in a long time, I resist moving them cause they were important to me...I know...sentimental....and probably foolish.

Both for me also....."created human links" ...never thought of it that way, but it's so true.

Both, I think of the gift from one person to others, how one personality transpired into their creation, and created human links.

I love all things with a history...love to think about who once used the items or lived in the homes etc.<br />
And ob<x>jects are "memory-boosters) for me. So I guess it's both an emotional attachment as well as a deep interest in all things with a history. When you see a beautiful ob<x>ject I wonder ...do you think about who made it or how/who appreciated it?

I guess those ob<x>jects are memory-boosters. <br />
I know I have some natural respect for things of the past, I guess it's because I know some beautiful things and people are mute and need a memory.

Yes, it's not like holding on to bad memories or being stick in the past. I think I just feel safe surrounded by "things" that have positive memories.<br />
Haha about my computer...it has a most weird sense of humor. :)

Hmm, it's still much better than when it's your past that won't let go of you!<br />
When our past helps us enjoy the present, it's good. It sucks when it holds us back because something needs repairs, maybe you should tell your computer about it.

True Salar....there is great improvement but I wrote this sort of hoping to re-motivate myself now that Spring is here....and there is a certain emotional feeling of safety attached...it's not real but feels real. :)

Best to clear the clutter after all you will still have the memories...

Thanks Wiseowl, my fellow sentimental saver...."their words are saved..." how true.<br />
I was talking with a woman this morning who obviously deeply loves her long gone eccentric grandmother...told me she saved a small biography written by her grandma....we both thought it would be wonderful to pass down to the grandkids...just like you and RavenDelcor are doing.

Ah thanks RavenDelcor....I have given many, many books away...and some pieces of furniture...it is better but I do have a ways to go....and you are sooo right...I'm extremely sentimental<br />
I love your idea of "memory books."

I save cards & letters too. I bought this pretty box. One ziplock bag has every letter, card my Dad sent me. Another one contains every card & letter my daughter ever got me. I did it for My Mom. Now that my family members are gone, I can rest assured their words are saved, for me to read. I started one for the Grand Baby too. My daughter will love those things when I'm gone. I can read the words & bring them back to me. I'm sentimental as well..

You're just a sentamental fool! You know I had to move everything I could in two loads in my minivan. I still have too much stuff. I recycle alot of the old papers, one by one, store the memory one last time. I hope these memories are transformed into stories of love and hope for others to gain strength by. I am trying to get my kids' stuff together to give back to them in a neat memory book(s). and my books and stories will have to become less on the shelf and more among people so the stories can live in real, vibrant hearts, such as yours and others here, but in my neighborhood too.<br />
It ain't easy, a friend of mine is doin the same thing, she's lived in her house for over 40 years though and, well, you can imagine, thank goodness she's less of a pack rat than I.<br />
OH, one thing I've discovered in bying at St. Vincent de Paul and Salvation Army, is that people who are generous with their memory, give people who have little to look forward to, much hope. So, giving to a charity is truely a way to keep the love flowing and is no betrayal, but an extention of love. Let go, and flourish, and prosper.<br />