Love From A Distance....

Sometimes in life we have to love people from a distance. Family member or relatives or friends who lack vision and can't imagine you achieving greatness. Don't get mad with them, 9 out of 10 they are good people. You love and treat them with respect, just understand you can't be around them on a daily basis. You have to love them from a distance, life is too short for you to be pulled down by negative, jealous, critical people. You need to hang around others that have dreams and goals and want more out of life. You must break free of the strongholds in your life and in the past. If you come from a family of defeat, failure, and negitivism, you must rise above the morass.
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No! They need to hang around you! People like you need to be there to ENCOURAGE those who forgot what life is about. People like you (us), tend to forget that WE have something "to bring to the table". Continue to be bold. Be who you are. Maybe we can bring the breath of life into those who have forgotten why we may be here.

I have to disagee with you. You can not let others hinder you and suck the life out of you. You can help others and encourage others, however if there is no movement you have to deal with them with a long spoon. We can not live for others, they have to want something for themselves.

We can breath life into them but we can't breath for them

I have to AGREE with you. You are right. All I'm saying is that by being who we are, we can exhibit what life and love are. I see the examples all around me. I think that even those who refuse to see can benefit from the examples.
We cannot breathe for them, but we can show them that, when we need to breathe, someone is really there with the respirator.
We all need someone to help us from time to time. We cannot forget that WE need to be there to help too. It may "suck" life from us, but aren't we lucky to have that amount of "life" to spare for their sake?

Yes we can exhibit what life and love is, there is just a limit. We can't be enablers. I am all for giving and sharing my help and love, that is part of who I am, but it is a limit and a balance. We all need help, a little encouragement and support,etc.

Limits? How can we limit love? I'm not talking about enabling weakness, I just believe that love (REAL love, which encompasses TOUGH love) should be freely expressed. We don't help ourselves by withholding that part of us. It's one thing to set limits on how we can be used, it's another to hide ourselves to avoid pain.

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You are so right-on and I have never heard anyone spell it so succinctly before! I am someone who spent much of my life trying to please family and others, so if I had heard this earlier in my life it may have helped immensely!

Thank you. I am working on it now, I am a people pleaser, but there must be balance. Please others as well as yourself. Some people are never happy and some people you can never give enough to. Work in progress!! :-)

Congratulations! You have taken the biggest step!

Thanks, one step at a time! :-)