What I've Noticed About Making Friends

One of the things I've noticed is that people get very cliquish as they get older. I don't understand that. I can understand if you have your core of friends but why limit yourself? What's wrong with meeting a different person and having a different set of friends?

I don't think of friendship as a popularity contest. If I had anywhere from 10-15 friends who I knew well, trusted, shared interests and values with, I'd be fine. However I was once told that it's "better" to only have one or two super close friends instead of 10 good friends because then you don't have 10 people who all hate you at once if you do something to **** them off. Huh?

One of the things I've also noticed about people is they think technology can replace face-to-face interactions. There's nothing wrong with facebook, email, texting, etc. but what's sad is that people somehow believe if you never see each other or hang out, but text you're friends. Um, NOT!

I have a friend who moved for work about a year ago who actually got mad at me because texting was getting expensive. It's not a cost I find worthy right now and he never called me, responded to my emails, let me know when he was in town, etc. So how is that being a friend? And then there is another girl who I met at work and she seems really cool...yet never calls me back, replies to my messages on facebook, wants to hang out, etc. Seriously people if you don't like me and don't want to hang out with me, just SAY it! I'll be off your back in no time and can devote my time to something or someone better.

That's just my rant for the day.


AS1984 AS1984
Mar 19, 2009