Again, This Is Like My Answer ...

Again, this is like my answer to the, "Do you have a hard time saying No?" question. I used to be devastatingly shy, but I've grown into myself and am much more confident about who I am. I find it much easier these days to talk to just about anyone. I care much less about what others are thinking of me, and that made all the difference in my being able to approach people in a friendly, conversational manner. It also helps to have an interest in other people, and that was something that I always had. When I wasn't a talker, I was a listener. It always fascinated me the things people will reveal about themselves, so it gave me many lessons in how to get people to open up about themselves. I admit to having many more acquaintances than friends, but my friends are a solid source of joy and comfort.
MindDiva MindDiva
41-45, F
Feb 14, 2007