I Feel Like a Clown Sometimes and I Hate Clowns So Go Figure

I feel like a clown because I cover up what I truly feel to the best of my ability on a daily basis like the song tears of a clown.....
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3 Responses May 10, 2007

I know this feeling. Ever since highschool (5 years ago) I've been covering up my emotions with a smile and a laugh, and untill these past couple of months, I felt like I've been smiling but didn't feel anything in my heart (like it was dead) and it seemed the smile just came out of pain..<br />
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I've been doing meditation and yoga this last half a year, and it really takes out all the garbage. Now beginning to feel like my old self again..<br />
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Thanks for sharing, and Good Luck.<br />
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shareing with us could be your start, this site is great is'nt it. good luck, we responded to you and I know others in your life will too. go for it

I loved your title for this one its right on with so much. Just remeber that a clown has to remeber to wash his makeup off or he will never be taken seriously.