Top 15 Things That Tick Me Off

1. Trolls.
2. Bullies.
3. People who question my work. (Especially if they call my were-creatures stupid or don't get the joke. Urrgh.)
4. People on message boards who act like idiots. (Especially on sites like IMDB).
5. When my computer acts up for no reason. (Urgh. It really irritates me.)
6. People who pretend to be my friends but stab me in the back later.
7. People who think i'm racist. (Look just because I said I didn't like the whole voodoo scene in Blues Brothers 2000 does NOT make me racist. I said I didn't like that scene because it's a Big Lipped Aligator Moment, that's all.)
8. Being accused of being gay/lesbian/whatever. (Look. The majority of my fellow friends on DA happen to male or female and are straight, Blackbluedawg being the only exception because his monster persona is gay. But please, enough with the accusations of me being gay/lesbian/whatever - i'm bi, okay. I can go either way.)
9. Being only refered to as the "werejohncandy" guy. (It's the online version of typecasting. I've done OTHER things besides the were-stuff you know.)
10. Troll based websites/forums. (I can't stand sites that either are troll related or are there just for the sake of trolling).
11. Fat Jokes. (Fat Guy stereotypes aren't funny.)
12. Sex Jokes and Lazy Humour. (Something the majority of trolls these days seem to be doing repetitively).
13. Jokes about death. (Death is NOT humourous in real life. There are no jokes to be made out of someone's death. It's seriously tragic.)
14. People who claim my idols are untalented/washed up. (Either these guys are idiots or are just too young to appreciate the genius of John Candy and so on, but I personally think they need to lay off.)
15. Losing at video games. (It's really really irritating when I lose at a video game i'm playing.)
Monstermaster13 Monstermaster13
22-25, M
Dec 4, 2012