Poor Baby Me :(

i was feeling ok this morning, then i got the nausea but i was able to eat something and took some pepto bismul pills and a nap and felt better. then after i picked up my daughter from the bus stop i started getting a headache. it wasn't strong at first, and i took a motrin hoping it would go away and drank a bottle of water and tried to relax. of course i couldn't relax. i had to cook and help with homework and stuff. anyways, my headache just got worse and i'm really tired now.  i put my baby to bed, and i'm just waiting for my big baby to stop playing his new baseball game he got for PS3 he's so excited about.  its ok, its almost bed time anyways.  sweet dreams.

danetty757 danetty757
22-25, F
Mar 3, 2009