We got a new driveway and then we had to build a new walkway to the stairs.  My husband dug out the area to prepare it only could not finish it that day.  On another day I had several things in my hand walking down the stairs like usual and at the bottom kapluuie down I went head first into the hole.  I brushed myself off and hobbled inside.  A week went by and it was still very sore.  I buckled and went to the clinic.  Yep it's sprained, this I already knew.  Basically I was told to suck it up and do the rice treatment.  You know rest ice compression and elevate.  Big deal.  So now it is beginning week 3 and walking around the house is not a problem however doing intentional walking like taking my dog for a walk or exercising is ouchy.  I will keep you updated on the recovery....:(

Jenngh9 Jenngh9
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1 Response Jul 23, 2007

Hi! My mom broke both her ankles at the same time at a friend's house! It was terrible but she did what you did and just sucked it up. She walked on those feet/ankles no matter what and did the treatments when she could. I've also sprained my ankle several times. So I know what you are feeling!<br />
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