Healthy Imagination

If i was to write a book about myself, you would think i was on drugs, crazy or you just wouldnt believe it. Well some people are boring, and some arent. Some people stick only to reality, if they cant see it, its not real. Then there's 'us'.

We can see but we are blind, we can touch but we cant feel, we're alive but we're not breathing. Now if that sounds crazy to you then that means you dont have a healthy imagination.

I walk around this place seeing only too things earth and the world. Earth is what we see, everyday. People, routine, plan, schedule........and the world is what we wish, we hope, the past, the future, where are we? where do we go after this? i wish i was her, i wish i had that life.

When i say i have a healthy imagination, i mean that i live it. What you dont believe i do. Is god real? off course he is, are there ghosts walking on this earth? off course there is. There is no limit on imagination, i am always up and running. Its always crowding your mind with impossibility, but in your imagination its possible.

I know this aint what i was suppose to write, but who knows maybe i wasnt suppose to write this in the first place. I just wanna tell you the reason behind my experience's, even though i havnt told you's any, and the blame of how my life became such a mess and unbelieveble. I still love it.

honeyd honeyd
18-21, F
Oct 24, 2006